AMA Recap: The Crypto Blade x Airpay


Host: 1. Please begin by giving us a brief overview of yourself and your crypto experience so far,

Also, tell us a little about your Team too.

Matt: This is our first crypto project together, although Josh and I have worked together on several other projects over the years- from bricks and mortar store chains, to online marketplace businesses, we have always found our success in providing solutions where there were none, or at least a lack of them.

We have been working and researching this project for 24 months now, we brought Ben on board to help with the technical matters and have known (and loved!) him since our initial first meeting 2 years back.

Matts background is in sales & management with specific experience in managing a large payroll division within the Corporate sector. He also sold HR services B2B across Europe in the early 2000’s. He has been involved in cryptocurrency for the past 5 years beginning as a personal journey, before becoming what is now a full time career.

Fahad has recently joined the team as marketing advisor and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and know how having previous experience working in this role for other crypto projects

Host: 2. Now to the business of the day,

Please tell us what Airpay is about which according to the news, is a revolutionary app which bridges the gap between Fiat and Cryptocurrency.

How exactly is This?

Ben: With blockchain users growing at an unprecedented rate yet a real lack of options for utilising crypto as a payment source we wanted to provide a global solution to cryptocurrency holders by enabling real world transactional use for their currencies and tokens.

We are aware that blockchain users have many interests and needs, this can involve them jumping from one platform to another, this can be expensive and involve them setting up many wallets and accounts

With this in mind the AirPay app will feature a wallet, trading platform and virtual debit card

Easily allowing users to store, send, trade, or even exchange their crypto holdings to Fiat and load onto the card to spend without barriers

We have designed our app to be user friendly, packed full of features and some of the lowest fees about so most of these needs are met in one place and it’s appealing to blockchain users and non blockchain users alike

Holders will also receive a share of platform profits in the form of buybacks and rewards.

Host: 3. Now the Token, i see Airpay implements a Two Token system,

please introduce us to this, it’s usecases/utilities and overall tokenomics.

Also, can you tell us about it’s Benefits for Early Investors?

Ben: Our tokenomics offer some nice rewards, we will be operating a 2 token system to provide twice the benefits

$airpay is 12% tax with 6% going to holders in bnb and $pair will be a 0% tax token, both can be used on the platform & each has it’s own advantage for holding

Initially when the platform goes live 20% of platform profits will be used to buy back and burn $Airpay this will help to increase both volume and MC

Long term a percentage of the platform profits will be used to buyback $AirPay which will then be distributed as rewards to $Pair holders.

As $ AirPay is purchased for this purpose, the price increases and more BNB rewards are generated for $AirPay holders.

We have done it this way as it benefits both sets of holders with a nice bit of passive income

As we have already burnt over 50% of the supply the 6% bnb rewards to holders is actually more like 12% so with the platform just about to launch and our real growth about to begin it’s a great time to buy a bag and enjoy some serious rewards as we grow

Host: 4. Have you already made some Partnership deals, can you tell us a bit about these? And are you open to new Partnership deals?

Matt: We understand partnerships and networking are so so important in this space, that’s why- Yes. We are working on several!

Initially, the pinksale team were a great partner for launch. The guys behind the platform were really supportive and managed to provide us with a really spectacular launch!

We also had an informal presence at the recent Dubai Expo with Fahad getting our project in front of serious investors!

Since then- most of our networking has been IRL as we push on with the road map and continue developing our reach into real world use case.

As part of our next steps- our Airpay virtual card will be powered by and affiliated with Visa. One of if not the largest payment providers in the world today.

Following that- we will form strategic partnerships with Merchants, Exchanges, and Payment Providers who want to integrate Blockchain into their offering.

Currently- we are networking and pitching to several payment solution and Epos providers.

So far we have had discussions and had our product in front of:



Credit Call

IP Payments



I am limited to how much I can reveal as these are actively ongoing- but I can tell you talks have went VERY well and we are confident we will have announcements to make very soon.

We believe each partnership will strengthen our position and make each subsequent approach much easier. So far- everyone has loved AirPay!

Host: 5. Finally, Airpay is moving real Big, can you tell us what to expect in the next couple of months? Where are you currently on your road map and can you touch little on the Security state of Airpay?

Ben: Roadmap wise we are already ahead of schedule as we initially had planned to deliver the first phase of the platform in the middle of Q2 but are on course to deliver that before the end of this month, we also achieved listings on CMC and Coin gecko plus renounced our contract to add extra security for our holders

The first stage of the app will feauture a multi coin wallet supporting various chains and a built in exchange allowing for easy cross chain transactions

After this stage we will continue development to incorporate the issue of virtual and physical cards onto which users will be able to load Fiat and spend on real world goods and services

With this all in place we will then work with a trusted 3rd party to integrate the buying and storing of stocks on the platform

Our long term vision for this project is to eventually compete on a global scale with other existing providers who will eventually also cross into real world crytpo payments. We know as Web 3.0 continues its advance- technology will allow for mainstream payment technologies. We plan to be at the very heart of these systems.

So a busy but exciting time ahead development wise

With regards to security

Security of assets and personal data is something we take extremely seriously so we will be working with a team of specialists in this field to ensure we are operating at the highest level of both cybersecurity and privacy frameworks whilst also complying to the appropriate ISO/IEC standards

As crypto wallets will be non-custodial, users will be in control of their private keys at all times

Fiat currencies will be stored in regulated custodian bank accounts meaning they are safeguarded and you retain ownership of those funds


6. Partnerships is one of important factors for every project. Is there any partnership that will be established in near future?

Question by Junon61629

Matt: I’ll take this one!

Absolutely! As discussed earlier- we are working hard on this angle now, we expect to be making announcements and rolling out partnerships by end of April. It’s a central part of our road map and development plans for this stage in the journey.

Our vision is for eventual global use- so we will be forming partnerships in each region as we grow.

Some of our backroom staff have been working on this angle for some time.

I will share some images now from our road map.

And as you can see from the next one we also plan to roll out in phases

7. Your #AirpayFinance project name is seems to be very interesting. Does it have any story behind it? Can you share us with the inspiration for approaching to this name?

Question by 26Akunpribadi

Ben: Every good project needs a good name, we wanted it to be memorable, descriptive and easily marketed

Many hours were spent and many names were both talked about and considered but the one we always came back to was Airpay, we feel it is simple yet powerful so it suits our vision for the platform perfectly

Simple and easy user experience to attract newcomers to crypto yet packed full of features for more experienced users

8. Most investors focus on the value of the token in the short term rather than the actual value of the project. Can you tell us the inspiration and benefits for investors to make high quality tokens in the long run?

Question by sifat411323

Matt: Yes absolutely! We see this in the space, where investors increasingly lose their investments through short term planning and no real vision.

We actually have all of our vision laid out, and work is already happening around the real structure needed in the background to support a project as large as this.

Short term price is of course important which is why we have brought forward the release of our platform, been carrying out buybacks and expanded our team to include Fahad as our marketing Guru

Long term we will continue to develop and grow the platform and as part of the platform fees are used to buyback $Airpay then we will be able to constantly add volume to the chart, this will in turn increase rewards to holders, this encourages holding and increases price

We know to succeed- we need happy, long term investors so we wanted to provide great potential for passive income with our project

Many have told us that they have already received more in rewards than what they had previously invested and that’s before we even release the platform which will increase this substantially

9. The hard reality is that some projects remain half way because their developers abandon the concept because they cannot achieve the desired capitalization in the long term; how do you plan to make this project sustainable for its development?

Question by Devid_mariyo

Ben: Sustainability is indeed a major factor for projects and one that we have accounted for,currently on every trade of $Airpay 2% goes to a development wallet and when the platform is live 80% of the fees taken on exchanges of any cryptocurrency will be used for further development,liquidity and marketing

We have our primary development plan but we also have areas we wish to expand into such as an NFT trading and a marketplace specifically for merchants who adopt $Pair as a payment method so the quicker the adoption of the $Airpay app the quicker we can get to this stage

Host: Now I’m curious,

When does Airpay go live ?

Matt: we launched our token on 20th Feb, our Wallet launch is now fast approaching with end of the month still being the proposed date for take off 🚀🚀

Stay tuned to our TG for updates but we are in the final stages now and very much looking forward to sharing it with the world!!

Ben: The first phase of platform will be delivered before the end of this month

Matt: We are available to pick up now on pancakeswap!!

10. The AirPay app will feature a wallet. We already have lots wallets already in existence, id like to know, What would be spectacular about Airpay’s wallet and what type of crypto currencies would be tradeable with this.?

Question by josephayoola19

Matt: Like most areas in crypto there are a few projects providing similar services, we certainly don’t see this as a bad thing as it both speeds up adoption whilst providing choice and value for users

Each platform is unique in its own way, with our use of non-custodial wallets and choice of exchange we are providing a decentralised experience which gives users full control over their funds plus the ability to change profit to Fiat and load onto a card to spend without barriers is a real plus for our wallet

Add to that the double rewards driven by our two token system and we some very important advantages for customers.

Holders will receive a share of the platforms profits and we will also be working hard on partnerships with brands to obtain as many discounts and benefits as we can for users of the airpay card

With our in built exchange users will be able to carry out cross chain trades of most of the established tokens whilst the ability to connect to various dex’s means our users will have more choice than many other wallets have

We would also say we have a much cooler community than all the rest …


Q1. Can you list 1–3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors.? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident ABOUT.?

Question by Marko_9010

Ben: There’s so much going on with the app that it’s very hard to pinpoint just 3 so I will give you 6

1-Safely store many different cryptos in our multi coin wallet, use the wallet to interact with Dapps and directly buy select cryptos with your credit card

2-Our trading option will make use of a trusted third party API so you can do cross chain trades in minutes without needing to register with a CEX

3-Our Fiat wallet allows you to add money to your account without incurring high credit card fees, this Fiat can then be used to load onto your card to make payments, send to friends and family or to purchase crypto and stocks

Fiat currencies will be stored in regulated custodian bank accounts meaning they are safeguarded and you retain ownership of those funds

4- Our stock option will make use of a trusted third party Api so you can purchase stocks and have your securities protected up to $500k

5-Easily trade your stocks and crypto for Fiat and either load onto your card or withdraw to your bank account

Our card will be will affiliated with one of the most widely accepted major card providers and so accepted globally in most places

6-Rewards, initially 20% of fees generated on the platform will be used to buyback $Airpay which will then be airdropped automatically to holders of $Pair

This will be quite a substantial incentive to hold either/both tokens in the ecosystem

Q2. Do you have a AUDIT certificates? Or are you working to AUDIT Your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable

Question by ASIAN1111000

Matt: Hey yes we were audited by the guys at SAFU who now have a partnership with Pinksale.

You can find the links to this in the pinned messages in our TG group.

We will be undergoing more audits as we go including once the wallet and platform are launched

Host: AMA is concluded!



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