AMA Recap: The Crypto Blade x Inery

The Crypto Blade
6 min readMar 3, 2022


Host: 1. First of all please introduce yourself, Your background and share an interesting story of how you got into crypto?

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Vincent Irlweck: I started working in the German special forces and found my love for crypto 2017 through a tip from an old school friend. So in 2017 I got into crypto Trading and turned freelancer Trader after leaving the military. With these Skills, I build a community of Crypto Enthusiast of around 30.000 people. I saw many projects come and go through the ICO Era 2017–18 and when I saw Inery I knew I gotta be involved.

Host: 2. Can you please provide some information about the “Inery” project and How long you’ve been building this?

Vincent Irlweck: Our initial inspiration for Inery stemmed from creating a more democratized place for data access and control of our assets as well as empowering users and organizations to manage their database on a secure network. So what we did was combine the conventional database management properties with blockchain functionalities. This enabled us to create a more secure, immutable, decentralized and owner-controlled architecture for database management.

Inery is a layer-1 blockchain that addresses solutions for database management. Inery is designed to tackle the current challenges faced by other blockchain networks such as energy inefficiency, poor interoperability between different networks, limited performance and immature governance mechanisms. Our solution is designed to enable cross-chain interoperability to allow data transactions without compromising its security.

Further, we have also designed its architecture to be eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable to achieve high throughput and performance with tps up to 4800. The governance mechanism of a decentralized DAO allows cleaner and quicker resolutions and upgrades to the overall ecosystem.

Host: 3. Please introduce the $INR token economic system, and what are the utilities of your token?

Vincent Irlweck: There will be in total 800 million $INR tokens. Our token’s economic value derives from several purposes including access to the overall ecosystem, participating in the governance system, access staking rewards, engaging with the products, and more.

You can find $INR token distribution and vesting schedules from our whitepaper:

Host: 4. Can you please share some information about staking and farming for passive income options in the future? How can long-term investors be benefitted?

Vincent Irlweck: Yes, Inery has a staking platform. The economic value of $INR token is derived from several different factors one of which is staking.

Currently, we do not have an active staking platform. We will update the community as soon as our staking platform is live. Make sure to follow our social media channels.


Host: 5. What is the development roadmap of the Inery project at present and in the future?

Vincent Irlweck: We started with Inery way back in the first quarter of 2020. We have achieved quite a lot of milestones in these two years. On the development front, we have successfully completed several phases including testing core of Inery blockchain API function, value contracts, adding nodes to the ecosystem, testing blockchain deployment on several servers and a lot more.

We have also released two versions of our technical paper, created documentation, branding, and have started community building. Some of our upcoming milestones include mainnet launch, upgrading contracts with all major query types, and our public launch.

You can check out our detailed roadmap on our website:


6. A lot of projects are always talking about their strengths, while their token or coin prices are always going down. As one of the leaders of Inery Blockchain, would you dare say the difficulties that Inery Blockchain is facing and how long it will take to overcome it?

Question by LuongTh29712172

Vincent Irlweck: Well as you know we can’t comment on token price or speculation. But we have derived the token’s economic value such that people will be incentivized to use the token.

There has not been a challenge that we have not ultimately overcome. We have been putting our efforts into building this project since more than two years now. So while over the way we have faced technical difficulties, we have also found ways to overcome it. And for that I am really proud of how good the team has been doing.

7: Partnership is always an important factor for Every #IneryBlockchain project. So who is your partner? What are the benefits you get from those relationships?

Question Morgan10491355

Vincent Irlweck: We have already released the announcements of new advisors joining the board of Inery. Their support will be instrumental to the project.

David Munro Anderson is a pioneer in the establishment of the futures contract trading industry. He has been widely credited for turning the Man Group, an investment management firm, into Europe’s largest asset manager. One of his greatest contributions includes playing a key role in implementing the Financial Services Act 1986 in the United Kingdom

Stefan Oksner is a business development expert with 10 years work experience in various economic sectors majorly in Ukraine and Middle East markets. Stefan is focused on representing the investors of the Middle East in Ukraine and promoting public interests of business from Ukraine internationally.

For partnerships, there are a lot of ongoing talks. We will be making announcements on our official social media channels as soon as they are finalized



Telegram Community Channel:

Telegram News Channel:

8. Can you share the achievements the team has made so far? what are the major achievement target Inery is yet to achieve could u share the achievement.

Question by AnnyXBT

Vincent Irlweck: In the last two years, we have achieved a significant number of things. From a concept to testing the first version — we have ticked quite a lot of things on our roadmap.

Our top 3 priorities for this year would be the public launch of Inery, our mainnet launch and public testing.


Q1. IS This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?

Question by aotungchaova

Vincent Irlweck: This project is open for anyone that's why we didn't start with elite investors only or however you wanna call them, we started with our presales focusing on small investors only. Since in our opinion, the community is the most important thing in a project

Q2. Since NFT is popular nowadays, is there a plan for NFT integration?

Question by Babu888877

Vincent Irlweck: As a Database who is cross chain compatible we already have the best foundation to integrate NFTs in different blockchains, read more on our website about that:

Q3. As crypto users we don’t want to lose our assets to some scam projects that run away and disappear with our money so why should we invest in the your project as a long-term investment?

Question by traminau

Vincent Irlweck: As our team is already pretty set in the classic entrepreneurship, our team already knows what to take care of when it comes to building a big project and especially developing these, I would say we are quite experienced. Since all of the reason that I already stated above I would say we have a reputation to lose thats why we are going only 100% with this project not going below that performance wise 🙏🏼

Check out our team to make yourself a picture of them:

Q4. Can you give an overview of Inery tokenomics? Will the design of the token rise and fall with the success of the platform, does it include any scarce paths, such as equity, storage or burning?

Question by KencrotManual

Vincent Irlweck: You can find our tokenomics aswell as every other information that you are looking for either on our whitepaper or on our social medias so please make sure to check that out 😁

Q5. Do you have AUDIT certificate or are you working to AUDIT your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable?

Question by Raselmahmud916

Vincent Irlweck: Our project is currently getting audited so make sure to wait for the announcements which will come out soon. As soon as we are done we gonna have the announcements on all our social medias 🙏🏼

Host: Thank you so much for the very detailed answers!