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7 min readNov 22, 2021


Host: Lida Najar, Kristin Vidal
Hello welcome to The Crypto Blade community

Lida Najar: Good day everyone
Kristin Vidal:
Thanks alot for having us today

Host: Let’s start the AMA session, Are you ready?

Kristin Vidal: yes

First Segment: Introduction:

Host: 1: First of all please introduce yourself, Your background and share an interesting story of how you got into crypto?

Lida Najar: Okay I will introduce my self and my colleague do the same

Hello CryptoBladeChat community, am Najar Lida, living in Winchester south England with my husband and three kids.

Am a humanitarian by nature and a volunteered representative of influx project in India/Pakistan/Indonesia and Malaysian community.

I have done various humanitarian services with many small NGO related to WHO and UNICEF and Influx is my first crypto related humanitarian services.

And I support the idea of bringing humanitarian services to the decentralised space where everyone is out for profits

Here is my LinkedIn profile

Kristin Vidal: Hello good day community am Kristin Vidal by name and also the Influx volunteered representative for United States.

Am a blogger, humanitarian, socialist and influencers.

I came to love influx project as it is centred on helping the global #zerohunger initiative to address most global issues.

I believe in the team and the idea of impactful investing. When influx token holders profit while also helping humanity.

Host: 2: What is the main purpose of the Influx Project?

Kristin Vidal: Influx token main purpose is to support the elon musk 2% wealth initiative to solve great global problems such as world hunger, COVID-19 pandemic, water scarcity, provide digital education and menstrual equity in poor developing countries.

The influx $6 Billion ZERO Hunger initiative provides the opportunity for impactful investing and strategic partnership to every influx token holders on the DECENTRALIZED SPACE.

With influx token every holder benefit from the 2% auto burn from all buys and sell of the token Which increase the token.

Donations or purchases of influx tokens gives investors the benefit of acquiring the accumulative share of future influx companies and partnerships.

Lida Najar: From our projection the influx token investors, donators and influx holders will be profiting from these impactful investments,

due to the strategic investment which will be implemented by the influx organization to solve global problems facing humanity.

And from future partnership with WHO, UNICEF and other NGO organisation

Influx token has humanity at heart as we fight against world hunger, water scarcity, provide digital education and menstrual equity in poor developing countries.

Host: 3: Can you share more details about the $INFL Token-omics, is there any particular vesting schedule if so can you share more about it?

Kristin Vidal: INFL token has a total supply of 100 trillion.

As announced on our twitter and other social media channels

there will be no presale,

the dev team are Doxxed and paid off.

the token has a 2% auto burn on every purchase or sale this will increase the token value gradually.

$INFL token liquidity is full funded by our partners and supporters encouraging the project growth and sustainability.

Lida Najar: We will have our first 2% token burn which is equivalent to 2.1 Trillion influx token burn🔥🔥🔥

and there will be no vesting period

the token will be open for purchases, sales and long and short term holding.

Host: 4: Please tell us how influx token going to solve global problems such as world hunger. Please share some information about NGO which is behind the Influx token?

Lida Najar: The team has reach out to various media channels and house

and successful two media House has volunteered to support influx token do a video documentation and coverage of the full global outreach which we will be commencing next month.

We are setting up our core outreach teams and development unit to oversee the global outreach of influx project to areas of the global which are in Hunger, crisis and other social challenges like COVID-19 facing the local community.

Kristin Vidal: All events will be covered and recorded by the TV presenters.

And we further sent request for strategic partnership with NGOs, UN, UNICEF and WHO

Also we will be visiting areas affected by floods, war, providing digital education and technology to schools and also menstrual and sanitary equities to young girls and women.

Influx has alot to offer to humanity

Host: 5: What are the main milestones on your road map, both in terms of what you’ve already accomplished and what we might expect in the future? Any partnerships or short/long-term technological achievements you’d like to discuss or draw attention to?

Kristin Vidal: If you have a glance at the road map on our website

you will noticed we have already Built the influx ecosystem and still in Q4 2021

We are setting up our Core team developer and other units.

And our Pancakeswap listing comes up on the 23rd of November that’s 2 days from now

And our Liquidity provider and locking takes place 15 minutes after launch

Lida Najar: We still have token Burning of 2% token supply 2.1 Trillion from the treasury. And our Coingecko and coinmarketcap listing, Auditing, Marketing, referral campaign, advertising and promotion. All these will happen in our Q4 2021 of this project

As we progress further, our roadmap will be gradually achieved and we will grow bigger to touch lives in different area of the world.

2nd Segment: Questions from the Twitter announcement:

Host: 6: The biggest challenge facing projects right now is related to the current market conditions. So, can you explain the reasons why users and investors should participate in the long-term development of the InfluxToken ecosystem?

Question by BENSTOCK26

Lida Najar: I got an explanation from the CEO and Dev team and the major issues of tokens losing value is due to fear and greed in the market.

To avoid this Influx token is creating the mind of not just making profits but also helping humanity. And with this minds investors will know they are contributing to a greater course than just making profits

Kristin Vidal: Also we are having big investors and partners coming on board to promote this project. From our projection INFL will be on a steady growth.

Because if Shitcoins, Altcoins and MEMEcoins can pump and give investors profits, Influx token will do better because we have humanity at heart

Host: 7: I want to know what makes this project stand out, what makes it different from other projects that might be similar. And what are the outstanding features of your Project and how do you attract customers?

Question by Emma01910679

Kristin Vidal: Good, INFLUX remains the first unique idea to bring something new to solve global problems facing humanity into the decentralised crypto space

Lida Najar: Investors are not just making profits but also being a change to the issues facing the world and we are working to support the Elon musk $6 Billion #ZeroHunger initiative

You can find our the links to the #ZeroHunger initiative on our previous tweets and announcement or on Elon musk, WFP CHIEF and other WHO organisation twitter page.

Host: 8: Are you planning to promote your project in a country / region where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project?

Question by EllieAmelia17

Lida Najar: Yes exactly. As we expand we will provide community for various countries where English are not spoken and we will also provide translations of all our announcement and contents as well.

Kristin Vidal: This is because influx as a global outreach project must be able to communicate with any community or region we visit for outreach is a language they understand.

3rd Segment: Community round

Q1: What is business model of your project? How it works? And who are your potential customers and which markets are you targeting on #AMA ?

Question by nana2506

Kristin Vidal: I love this question. As we mentioned before influx is not a business. It’s an Impactful investing where all influx token holder profit from buying and Holding the tokens as the project grow to achieve all its roadmap.

The unique thing about influx to investors is the publicity and partnership Which the project is exposed to as we grow bigger

Q2: Do you have AUDIT certificate or are you working to AUDIT your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable?

Question by rosanbabu23

Lida Najar: Yes we have submitted audit request to CoinMooner, and cancelled our initial request for auditing which we sent to DXsale and solidity.

Also we verified our contract and the script is open to all investors to confirm that the token is secured and safe for investing

Q3: Do you have any plan for building Nfts into your eco system because that is the hottest topic on crypto space?

Question by Juifull7

Kristin Vidal: yes the best way to promote a good project such as Influx in the decentralised crypto space is to partner which NFT project to produce Native NFT for influx which can be minted and also provide profits to investors.

Q4: Where can I buy your tokens now. What are your current contracts, and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

Thanks sir

Question by kobita3

Lida Najar: Well INFL will be available for purchase on Pancakeswap listing in two days time


23rd November 2021

Time: 11:00am UTC

Contract address can be found in our official group here when you type “CA” or “address”

Q5: Covid-19 has a bad impact in almost every sector. So, as a crypto projects how did it affect you? How you and your team have done the work in the pandemic?

Question by jasi1500

Kristin Vidal: As we mentioned before. Influx will be solving global challenges affecting humanity and COVID 19 is a major part of this issues which the project will see to address

.we will be visiting hospital and providing COVID-19 relief funds, amenities and supplies to victims afflicted by this deadly disease during our global outreach.

Host: Thank you so much @NajarLove, @Vidal_beauty for the very detailed answers!

AMA is concluded