AMA Recap: The Crypto Blade x Open Web SandBox

Host: Hello Sofia welcome to The Crypto Blade community

Host: Let’s start the AMA session, Are you ready?

Sofia: Yes

First Segment: Introduction:

Host: 1. First of all please introduce yourself, Your background and share an interesting story of how you got into crypto?

Also, please share some information about your team, How big is your team right now?

Sofia: I was born in Russia, Moscow, where I lived until I was 18. In Moscow I received a good and well-rounded education and had the opportunity to learn English at an early age. This opened the doors to Europe where I moved right after high school. As a philosophy graduate, I decided to switch my discipline to psychology while also learning to code a little as a side hustle. Interest in technology and its potential brought me to crypto literally after one night discussion I had with a friend. Although I did not have a background in blockchain, I immediately understood the relevance of this technology and did not hesitate to jump headfirst into it. After just six months of being involved with NEAR Protocol, I had already acquired quite some proficiency in crypto and was ready to embark into a new project — “Open Web Sandbox” it was. Finding your way into crypto can be very thorny (based on my experience haha) and that is why my idea with Open Web Sandbox (or just Sandbox) to be a safe place for everyone interested to start their blockchain journey smoothly.

One of the NEAR Guild enthusiasts from 4NTS Guild wrote this little story of mine, so in case you are interested to know more:

Right now our team consists of 6 moderators and one advisor from NEAR Foundation

so seven people

Host: 2: Can you please provide detailed information about Near Ecosystem?

Sofia: What NEARians themselves say on the website: “Through simple, secure, and scalable technology, NEAR empowers millions to invent and explore new experiences. Business, creativity, and community are being reimagined for a more sustainable and inclusive future.” ( ).

I could not agree more to be honest. Their UX is the most lovely thing I saw in crypto ever. It is incredibly simple to get your wallet and start interacting with the existing dapps (check here for the overview of all dapps building on NEAR currently: ). But what is evenly important is that as a developer, it costs you literally nothing to start building — meaning that it is super cheap, fast but also easy. I believe we will all see NEAR paving a way to mass adoption very soon, And this is because of their incredibly intelligent tech architecture but also a warm community we managed to create altogether. Look at the amount of functioning guilds alone — there are… like what? Over 100 guilds already? Spread around the globe. And most of them receive some sort of financial support to keep going and developing our community even further ( Whatever it is you are interested in — come to NEAR and we will support you with your beginnings if the goal is to bring value to the NEAR eco-system!

Host: 3: What is the main purpose of Open Web SandBox?

Sofia: The mission of the Open Web Sandbox is to provide guidance to the humans new to the NEAR ecosystem looking to learn while earning.

That means that we provide people with little task opportunities that NEAR Dapps need help with. (And this can go from writing a blog post to translating code. So really, all sorts of talents can find application in OWS. In this way, OWS is this bridge between existing NEAR projects & Guilds and the humans who can help them succeed on NEAR. (We can them Sandboxers btw😊).

Our logo is: “Play, learn, and earn.” Literally means that in the OWS you can experiment with different ideas, learn new staff about the eco-system or blockchain in general in the meantime and you can also get rewarded for it in a native token — NEAR.

Not even going to say anything about the crazy amount of networking opportunities you can build with us🤩

Website for reference:

Host: Impressive!

So anyone can participate in tasks given by NEAR and can earn?

Sofia: Tasks are accumulated across different projects by the OWS and then shared with our contributors (aka Sandboxers)

but yes, anyone who is interested in bringing value and driving the eco-system is welcome to join

Host: 4. Are you working on any partnerships or marketing initiatives to help build awareness for your platform?

Sofia: Today, we are partnering only with NEAR-related projects and Guilds for marketing, but it is definitely something where we see ourselves growing in the coming months. There is a lot of cool stuff happening on NEAR and OWS, but we could definitely use more promotion. And we are open for partnerships — in fact, it will be a very prominent part of our upcoming roadmap December-May 2022. Hit us up if you are an aspiring crypto marketeer and would like to collaborate!

Host: 5: What are the future development plans for OWS?

Sofia: Oh my god😁You need to see our roadmap haha.

There are so many ideas that will be implemented soon. But if I had to name the three most outstanding ones.

Firstly, it is optimizing onboarding processes on NEAR (ie making it maximally simple to start engaging with any NEAR dapp but also generally getting familiar with the eco-system).

Then we also aspire to become a sort of consultancy place where people can develop their skills and engage in more sophisticated/challenging crypto projects as they play, learn and earn. It will really make us happy to see that people who enter with zero blockchain knowledge get off the ground in Sandbox and also progress with time into OG’s of the NEAR eco-system. The goal is to support newbies in this journey till they find their true place in the NEAR ecosystem. We will provide the tools and human guidance throughout the way. How exactly this will be happening — you can check out our next roadmap that will be life on 29th November😉

And third, facilitating mass adoption of NEAR, of course. As NEAR playground, we want to have as many people with us and to show the world how easy and fun it is to build the future together!

2nd Segment: Questions from the Twitter announcement:

6: Developing a new platform always requires a lot of research and effort. We see, most of the projects are just a clones of an existing project. So, Is your project clone of an existing project or is it built from scratch? If yes can you please introduce the team behind this Development?

Question by Lalkhan01234

Sofia: Hey, I think you do have a point that a lot of projects share a common goal, right.

I know for a fact that digital hubs similar to the OWS exist: you have Avalanche community hub and they have a website dedicated to social mining. I know about egld too, they tip via their bot on telegram whenever they need likes and retweets on any post on Twitter. For hive one can write the articles and get paid for the same.

For Solana they too had telegram groups country-wise where they distributed Solana tokens for making memes, likes, retweets, and all. But once they went too much famous Solana stopped doing that. This is very indicative of course of the initial commercial goal behind the project🙄

What happens in Sandbox is unique in so many ways. To get back to the question — yes, the idea of connecting individual contributors with the crypto project and rewarding them might not be brand new. But what is new — the way HOW we do it — we are not just a crypto clone of Amazon Mechanical Turk. We do actually care about people in our ecosystem and we provide them with democratic opportunities through which they can actually learn, become better versions of themselves. As compared to getting paid for stupid, mindless micro-tasks in other places. Voila!

here is more about our team behind the scene:

Next Question ⤵️

7: Can you give a list of 1–3 killers features of this PROJECT that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

Question by SejanHosean3

Sofia: 1. Community belonging feeling next to learning and earning. That also means human support on each stage of your NEAR journey

2. Smart challenges we provide (added value tasks)

3. Reliability. We have a reputation and our people trust us.

8: Do you have any plan for a community ambassador program to reward more users and create a local community channel for those users who are weak in English?

Question by Jkl43214

Sofia: Yesss!! We have huge plans for the OWS ambassadors haha. We would love and even need more people representing OWS in different groups. Spreading awareness and just making friends leveraging Sandbox, you know We are actively working out the logistics of it right now, but if you feel like it might be something for you, that you want the world to know and care about Open Web Sandbox — please give us a sign and maybe you are the one we need in our ambassador team!

We already have four channels on our Discord dedicated to different regions: India, Russia, Spanish speaking folks, and Vietnam

the plan is to expand further when we see the strong need for particular language representatives

3rd Segment: Community round

Q1: l am interested in your project but I have a Little doubt whether your platform is suitable for Crypto beginners like me or is it only for professional users?

Question by anglekonika

Sofia: Our project is exactly meant to help crypto beginners to navigate the world of blockchain! and NEAR. They even get rewarded for it:)

Q2: While you build your project, do you take into account community feedback and demands? While you build your project, do you take into account community feedback and demands?

Question by XiYuanJ

Sofia: yes, we are trying to be in constant check-in with our community but also investors and actually everyone who cares — in order to make OWS the best place possible

Q3: What are your marketing plans for your project? Will you do more AMA in the future, and any plan to work with influencers?

Question by Binh_Hung_0

Sofia: Very good one. We do hold weekly AMA on our Aimeet platform where we invite speakers from different NEAR Dapps. Collaborating with influencers is in the roadmap:)

Q4: Can you list some killer features of this project that make it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

Question by sandiegofA

Sofia: 1. Community belonging feeling next to learning and earning. That also means human support on each stage of your NEAR journey

2. Smart challenges we provide (added value tasks)

3. Reliability. We have a reputation and our people trust us.

Q5: Staking, NFT is very hottest, do you think you will apply NFT technology to your products in the achieved future?

Question by Gskxoccj

Sofia: we already use NFTs in various ways: one of them is airdropping them to the best performant contributors:)

Host: Thank you so much @aluminium_foil for the very detailed answers!

AMA is concluded

I would recommend to our community please join OWS social media channels for more updates

Discord channel:




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