AMA Recap: The Crypto Blade x Orbitau


Host: 1. First of all please introduce yourself, and share some information about your team, How big is your team right now?

Please write “done” once you complete your answer!

Luu Trong An Ha: A little about myself, I have more than 11 years of experience at the Director level in investment, data development, business intelligence and customer experience, at multinational corporations such as Sun Life, top 4 insurance companies in the world, Agribank, Havas Media — a media and marketing cologmerate, IDG Capital and most recently beGroup — the 2nd largest ride-hailing app in Vietnam. I have executive MBA at the Harvard Business School.

In addition, I also want to introduce our CEO and founder of Taureum, Mr. Matt (Minh). Matt has more than 15 years of experience in FinTech, working at banks and multinational companies such as Goldman Sachs, Citibank, Harvey Nash, OpenTV, and most recently PayPal, contributing to building PayPal Singapore from 1 regional representative office with only 50–60 employees, becoming the headquarters for the APAC region with more than 500 people including software engineers and business, finance, risk staff.

Mr. Matt has co-founded and built 2 big projects so far, the first is an EduTech platform for ILA, the largest education company in Vietnam, this platform serves more than 2M students. The second project is beGroup with the role of co-founder and CTO, ranked second in terms of market share of technology vehicles, with nearly 10M users. In the past year, beGroup also launched Cake digital bank, and after 8 months has become the fastest growing digital bank in the region with over 1M customers.

Nguyen (Jerry) has more than 12 years of experience in game development at CMN, from the position of MKT to CEO, is a leading game company in Vietnam, CMN has released more than 40 games within 10 years. via. Jerry is the CMO of Orbitau.

Duy (Brian) is in charge of finance, Duy has an Honor degree in Finance & Economics from York University, always ranks in the top prestigious schools in Canada, after a number of years working in Canada in the field of investment. Duy returned to Vietnam and has 11 years of experience working in big banks like Techcombank and Shinhan, Duy himself is very knowledgeable about the crypto market as well as NFT games.

Dung, in charge of the Business section of the Project, Dung within the past 7 years has also built his own business worth tens of millions of USD in the field of e-commerce, your experience will contribute to building build a complete DeFi ecosystem

We have more than 40 people now and we believe through blockchain and NFT, we shall create a new wave of entertainment that at the same time allows maximizing the Play to Earn model for our community and beyond.

Host: 2. Can you please provide some information about the “Orbitau” project and How long you’ve been building this?

Luu Trong An Ha: We have been building Orbitau for almost 8 months not. But of course the idea foundation happened much longer.

In the past 2–3 years, the crypto market and DeFi projects have been the focus of investors as well as technology, the Harvey team is no exception, also participating in investing, researching and following the developments of the industry. the market from the very beginning, and when we felt the time was right, we formed a team to start building an ecosystem of DeFi, with the ultimate aim of creating a decentralized platform that provides provide financial and technology services.

Regarding the name of the Taureum token, it is derived from the constellation Taurus, which means that the brightest constellation in the North sky in winter, as in the crypto world often says, winter is coming, so we chose this name with faith that Orbitau can become a light of hope, dispel the cold. And the Golden Buffalo is also very close to our Vietnamese culture, with the meaning of being strong, industrious and bringing fortune.

And Orbitau is the first Game-Fi project in the Taureum ecosystem, the Orbitau game offers players the potential to grow very high income thanks to the NFT system which is richer than most other games today. More importantly, TAUREUM (TAUM) — Orbitau’s main token — will also be used in other games/projects developed by the team at a later stage.

Orbitau built the plot based on a combination of Norse Mythology and Seven Deadly Sins, when the Norse gods after Ragnarok were imprisoned in hell. Players will come into contact with familiar gods, but their stories and endings are completely different. The gods represent the righteous force in the journey to conquer the lands held by the Seven Princes of Hell, how will it end up in the end? Will good always triumph over evil? Or was this originally just a war started by an individual’s hatred, and both the gods and the demon lords were just pieces in someone’s hand? Orbitau leaves the grand finale for the player to explore through the game’s many phases and chapters.

Host: 3. Please introduce the $TAUM token economic system, and what are the utilities of your token?

Luu Trong An Ha: The $TAUM acts as the governance tokens for Orbitau and other games we will introduce in the future, to create a connected ecosystem (metaverse) for our players in each of the games, we will also have an in-game token called ORI, but different to the older and inefficient model of dual-token game, our in-game token will not be listed on the market to ensure the balance of economy for our games

With $TAUM, players can do the following:

♦️ Buying NFTs (Eggs, Heroes, Pets, Land, and Items) on Marketplace

♦️ Staking: TBA

♦️ Participating in key governance vote

♦️ And more to come in near future

From all events in the game, players can earn TAUM token as well as NFTs. Unique NFT can only be obtained through special events such as Lucky Event, Guild Quest, etc.

This is our tokenomics, you can see more details on the vesting schedule on our litepaper:

With a clear tokenomic such as ours, traders can fully trust in the fact that Orbitau is a long-term project and that holding $TAUM can yield significant benefits.

Host: 4: Can you please share some information NFT Eggs? What are the utilities of these NFTs?

Luu Trong An Ha: Well first let me give you a brief idea what are our NFT Eggs

once hatched, you will receive a random number of stats, as well as equipment.

8 slots in total.

and you can use these heroes to fight in our PVE and PVP mode

as well as various other modes in-game, to earn and play …

Host: 5. Briefly enrich our audience about the gameplay and how to earn in this game? And when you are going to launch?

Luu Trong An Ha:

Please have a look at our trailer here. This is what our gameplay shall be 😄

it won’t be boring I can assure you that!

In terms of launching our $TAUM, we are currently live on Pancakeswap. You can also find us at Poocoin and other DEX exchanges.

our official address is: 0x02e22eb7f6e73ef313dd71248cd164b1bdc5aadd

In term of game launch

we are very close, around March.

so holding our TAUM now isn’t such a bad idea 😉

but then again, this is not a financial advise


6. Is your game compatible with mobile devices like a phone or tablet or only is possible to play on a pc?

Question by bitcoin_gk

Luu Trong An Ha: currently it is a web-based only. However, we are soon to have the mobile version 🙂

Follow us for your updates

7. Can you please provide some information about your Roadmap and how is Orbitau progressing so far?

Question by HippoSol

Luu Trong An Ha:

We are happy to share we are doing very well dispites all the market down trend

currently we are at x5 multiple Sideway

to such a bear market, we have received alot of compliments on how our trades performed

and we also have distributed all our tokens to Private and early investors as well

We also have our holders rising daily

and the volume has been steady at 3–4 M per day

during the trading days …

8. Can you tell us about your token metrics and what incentives are available to investors when buying $TAUM tokens?

Question by LuongTh29712172

Luu Trong An Ha: Token metric:

Strategic (S1): 6%

Strategic (S2): 2%

Private1 (P1): 6%

Private2 (P2): 4.8%

Public: 1.2%

Ecosystem: 18%

Advisors: 4%

Play to Earn: 25%

Staking: 15%

Development: 3%

Core team: 15%

With $TAUM, players can do the following:

. Buying NFTs (Eggs, Heroes, Pets, Land, and Items) on Marketplace

. Staking.

. Participating in key governance vote

. And more to come in near future

At the beginning of March, we will have a huge event for $TAUM Holders, don’t miss our announcements.

9. Would you please share some of features that distinguish you from other projects and what competitive advantages do you have?

Question by Anonymous_XBT

Luu Trong An Ha: Over the past year or so, there have been a lot of GameFi projects introduced to the market, helping to shape the NFT play-to-earn space to where it is right now. We believe after the success of 1st generation games such as Axie Infinity, Unchanged, Alien Worlds, the next generation of games must be able to enhance the “earn” part as well as focusing more on the “play” part. That’s why for Orbitau, we introduce much better graphics and also traditional game features to appeal to gamers that are switching to this exciting world

We’ve seen so many projects where the founders focused more on fundraising and struggled forming the team to actually execute the project. For us, we formed the team early, almost 6 months ago, with senior tech savvys from fintech, blockchain and game development spaces. We worked on the proof-of-concept, tested out the technology and only once we had completed the basic foundation for a DeFi system, the backend for our game framework, we then moved on to the fundraising phase, and introduced ourselves to the communities

In addition, with this enormous speed of growing in this space, we believe maintaining a fair and efficient economy within the games is the key to a long-term sustainable project. That’s why we have a dedicated team of economists to constantly work on refining our economics models for our games, to create a healthy ecosystem for our investors, players and communities

10. You have some really big names associated with the project as advisors, would you like to tell us a little who’s on board?

Question by XrushSpace

Luu Trong An Ha:

We are also very happy to have Mr Thi, founder and CEO of GameFi launchpad

as our investor and advisor

we also have Tony, Axie Infinity from Sky Mavis CTO also backing us very early in the days 🙂

Host: AMA is concluded



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