AMA Recap: The Crypto Blade x Sentre Protocol


Host: 1: Can you briefly tell us what is Sentre?

Eden: First, I’m Eden — Market of Sentre Protocol

About Sentre

Sentre is an OPEN liquidity protocol built on Solana

Our vision is to create an All-in-One Solana Open Platform with DApps Store and Universal Protocol for Liquidity; altogether become a Safe Haven for DeFi developers and users. Sentre includes:

Sen Hub — The Open Platform for DApps: Developers and Partners can deliver DApps through Sen Store, fully use available resources and contribute to the platform with no restrictions.

SenSwap — The Liquidity Accumulator: A Solana-based AMM with a user-friendly interface and various tech-advanced features

Host: 2: Can you give us a quick introduction about the core team?

Eden: There are 5 members in our core team

and all based in Vietnam.

We have 5+ years of hands-on blockchain dev experience from world-class environments like Infinity Blockchain Labs and Binance, and have all been passionate with DeFi.

These are some of the achievements of Sen Team and Founder:

1. The Second Prize Solana’s Inaugural Hackathon, 2020.

2. The Second Prize Tomochain Hackathon, 2019.

3. The First Runner-up State of Chain Hackathon, 2018.

4. Mentor KO (Kambria Online) Hackathon, 2021

5. Examiner Kambria Quiz/Code Challenge Series, 2020.

6. Mentor #1 Vietnam Blockathon, 2017.

Host: 3: Can you tell us some outstanding features of Senswap?

Eden: Yeah. We have a great developer team, so they build an awesome product

Senswap is the most friendly and helpful AMM. I will list some outstanding features below:

- Triad Pool : it’s optional and allows LPs to concentrate the token in a single pool with 3 tokens

- Asymmetric Deposit: allowing one-sided pooling and auto liquidity distribution

- Sen Booster: Allow Liquidity Provider can sell their LP token and buy SNTR with a discount price

- Yield Farming for liquidity bootstrapping

- Cross-chain Liquidity: natively support Wormhole v2

- Adaptive Fee Model: impermanent loss minimized

- Sen OTC: P2P market build on Smart Contract

Host: 4: Let`s now talk about the milestones you have achieved so far and about your upcoming plans?

Eden: Up till now, we launched our mainet and token on 17th January, listed our token $SNTR on and Sentre DEX on 23th.

And most recently, we’ve just released Sentre V2 a few days ago. Here is the update on Sentre v2:

For the Upcoming:

There are 2 main objectives that we will focus on

1. Increase Liquidity:

- We will release many Liquidity Pools to increase the TVL.

  • Beside that, we also release some new liquidity features to attract liquidity diversify the use case of $SNTR

2. Expand the ecosystem:

  • - We aim to expand into other areas of Defi such as: Lending & Borrowing, Derivatives, Insurance.

To expand the ecosystem quickly, besides the Dapps built by Sen Labs, we will also promote the integration of valuable Dapps built by Dev and Partner into the ecosystem.

Here is the short brief for the road map 2022 of Sentre Protocol

Host: 5: Is any Event taking place on Sentre now or any chance for us can earn SNTR?

Eden: There are some ways for you earn SNTR

1. Deposit, Farming/staking on Sentre

2. Retroactive Airdrop Event of Sentre is ongoing.

2,000,000 $SNTR will be distributed to IDO Participants, Liquidity Providers and Traders.

Read more here:

3. Sentre Golden Month Campaign: Every 3 days, there will be an Events will take place on Sentre,

- Holding Challenge rewards toal 200,000 SNTR. Register here:

- Sen Booster for cross-chain liquidity pool: ETH-SNTR, you can get up to 145% profit

2nd Segment: Questions from Twitter Announcement:

6: Lending, Borrowing and other DeFi services are so much repeated in many DeFi projects, so what is the real innovation that @SentreProtocol is bringing to DeFi? What are you able to do that other cannot?
Question by RichAirdrop1

Eden: Yeah. Lending, Borrowing, and others Defi services are not the new concept. But it is an integral part of Defi

To become the all-in-one Open Platforms, Sentre must have those parts in our ecosystem

So, what make it different?

Users will experience entire Defi in a single platforms.

When the ecosystem expand, our token SNTR will have more use cases and bring more value to users and investor

7: Sentre is Permissionless DEX, so how can we avoid scam pools on your platform? And there are many scam project out there, how can investor can trust your project?

Question by TomiokaGyu

Eden: Yeah. Permissionless allow anybody can create a pool on Sentre, it’s a great features when anyone can create a pool and earn when provide liquidity

But, sometime users have some problems because they don’t know this pool is good or not

So, we have created many categories in Sentre UI.

So, users will know what is the pool created by Sentre or Community

And how to avoid the scam project?

In my opinion, you should check about the backers/investors of project

And check who are follow this project.

They are some big KOLs are follow Sentre on twitter

You can see Sentre is followed by Solana Foundation, sam bankman-fried, Raj Gokal

They are the best KOLs of Solana

So you can trust the project

8: What are the most different of Sentre when compare to other platforms?

Question by easyhoo00672336

Eden: I think the most difference is Sentre is a real Open Protocol

To explain it, I may divide the current market into two segments:

One is a PROGRAMMABLE environment and the other is an OPEN environment

In a programmable environment, you can develop your DApps on top of other platforms. But you’ll never be a native function on them.

You also have to find liquidity, do marketing stuff, call fundraising if needed, pay a lot of services to run your DApps

The open environment is different when you can completely use the current resource and contribute to the mother platform without any restriction.

I think most platforms now are programmable ones while Sentre is OPEN and doesn’t have a direct competitor.

3rd Segment: Live Questions from Participants

Q1: Can you tell us about some of your partners and who you plan to collaborate with in the near future?

Question by Rodgerbottoms2002

Eden: I may divide our partners into 2 types

1. Product Integration Partners: They are the Dapps will integrate with Sentre Protocol.

We’ve just integrated with Jupiter last week, to 👉

🔺 Support swapping more pairs

🔺 Offer the best price on each swap

🔺 Stay up-to-date with the latest tokens and liquidity

2. Other Partners: they are the partners will have us on Technology, Finance, Advisor,…

I will list some names of Sentre’s Partners:

Coin98, Slope Finance,, Coin68, Tradecoin Viet Nam, Parrot Protocol…

Q2: Can we (as a token holders) participate in governance of #Sentre Protocol project?if yes, please tell us what kind of decision can we vote for development of #Sentre Protocol?And what mechanism has you implement to make sure the Fairness of decisions making between small and big investor?

Question by JINGGAA10*

Eden: Yes, one of our token use case is governace

You can make a decision when we develop a new feature or you will vote for what Dapps will be published on Sen Store

Q3: On which various Exchanges does your TOKEN Is listed So that Users Can purchase it easily and fairly?

Question by Nolucki*

Eden: Until now, SNTR is listed on and on own DEX

We are planning to list on more exchange

But, at this time the market is not good. So, we will spend the resource to develop the product and build lover community first

Q4: You recently released Sentre V2.0 last January 7. In this case, what will happen to V1 of the project? Will it co-exist with the newer version or will it be dissolved to pave a larger way of users to V2.0? What are their noticeable differences?

Question by Ducichang

Eden: The Sentre V1 is still running, but we suggest users to use Version 2.0 for better experience

About the difference

We will only continue to develop on version 2

And here are the updates of version 2.0

Q5: Do you have any Bug Bounty to check for weakness? In what way do you plan to make Your project more complete??

Question by Dalila_tennant_2001

Eden: Yes, we will have the bug bounty soon

As I said, the ecosystem of Sentre will expand rapidly

Because, we don’t build everything by ourself

We use the resource of Community Developers and our Partners by letting them integrated with Sentre

Why the ecosystem is too big, we should create a Bug Bounty to find and fix the bugs

Host: I would recommend to our community please join Sentre Protocol social media channels for more updates



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