AMA Recap: The Crypto Blade x SharkRace Club


Host: 1. First of all please introduce yourself, Your background and share an interesting story of how you got into crypto?

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Kirill Elkin: My name is Kirill and I’m the CEO of the Sharkrace Club. For the last 2 years, my team and I have been developing the Tizer Crypto wallet, which is now a part of the SharkRace Club ecosystem. Together, we are launching the world’s first NFT Project with Rarity Upgrade and play-to-earn Games — the SharkRace Club.

Host: 2. Can you please provide some information about the “SharkRace Club” project and How long you’ve been building this?

Kirill Elkin: SharkRace Club is a 2 in1 project that includes:

🦈 unique high-quality NFT Shark collection — 3D graphics, 4k resolution

☝🏼 world’s first rarity Upgrade Platform where you can customize your collectible NFT and boost its rarity index.

🎁 whole bunch of club reward including quarterly airdrops, cashback in tokens, staking and voting rights

🚀 2 P2E metaverse NFT games

Host: 3. Please introduce the $SHRK token economic system, and what are the utilities of your token?

Kirill Elkin: SharkCoin (SHRK) is the main currency within our ecosystem and has a wide range of utilities. It can be used to purchase an NFT, upgrade the rarity index by purchasing traits in the Rarity Store, in-game transactions, marketplace, as well as staking.

SharkRace Club token IDO is set for March 10–11, 2022, and will be available on the following launchpads: Seedify, Enjinstarter, Oxbull, Prostarter, Paragen, and Synapse(Gemstarter). After that on PanCake. Additionally, our website will have a special interface for easy DEX access. In the future, SHRK will be available on CEX.

Host: 4. Can you please share some information NFT Sharks? What are the utilities of these NFTs?

Kirill Elkin: Our exclusive 20,001 NFTs collection was created by high-profile Cannes Lions awarded artists ( who have worked with top illustration brands including Disney.

NFT Sharks will be randomly assigned to each buyer but you will have the opportunity to purchase a specific NFT Shark on a second market later on. You will also be able to customize your Shark with our Rarity Upgrade Platform and dress up your NFT with additional hand drawn traits.

Each NFT Shark buyer immediately becomes a privileged member of the SharkRace Club and receives many rewards such as:

- Access to the NFT Rarity Upgrade Platform

- Lifetime participation in the quarterly airdrop

- Grant in SharkCoins ($5-$50 randomly)

- Higher % on the SharkCoin staking

- Voting rights to take part in shaping the future of the project

- Free Game-pack with 3 types of gaming NFT meta-sharks and mystery box

Host: 5. Briefly enrich our audience about the gameplay and how to earn in this game? And when you are going to launch?

Kirill Elkin: SharkRace Club will have two NFT P2E games:

One is a Shark Race in the beautiful 3D-graphics metaverse where intelligent and merciless meta-sharks compete in breathtaking races for the SharkBank and gaming artifacts. You can earn money just by selling in-game assets gained through the race. The game rolls out in April 2022. A free demo with a non-NFT shark model will be available at launch.

The other is the Sharks Battle multiplayer where you can invite your friends for a group tournament, place bets, and grab the bank. The game rolls out in early June 2022. Our cross-platform NFT games will be launched in April 2022. Providing both utility and fun for its users, our play-to-earn Metaverse Game unveils breathtaking races in the ocean of intelligent and merciless NFT meta-sharks.

Check out our game promo


6: You have some really big names associated with the project as advisors, would you like to tell us a little who’s on board?

Question by Junon61629

Kirill Elkin: Thank you Junon61629 for the question!

We handpicked all our partners and advisers, to make sure we have a great team of like-minded enthusiasts who share the same values and truly believe in our project. With more than 40+ very knowledgeable advisors and big-time backers behind this project, such as Shima Capital, Crypto League, NFT Tech, IBC, AU21, Inazuma, SL2, Skyman, Seedify, Enjinstarter, OxBull, Synapse, OIG Capital and others, the SharkRace Club team is confident that this project will be amazing!

7: P2E games are blowing up in the cryptocurrency space with great potential.A significant issue for many of the currently offered P2E games is just that they are being created as blockchain games, not great games where blockchain is just one element. How’s “sharkraceclub”different?
Question SaraSorna

Kirill Elkin: This is a very good question. Actually, both our games SharkRace and SharkBattle are real games that you can download and play. We use blockchain to keep information about your gaming meta-shark and artifacts. Apart from that we have a SMART contract and use crypto for in-game payments.

8. The future depends on what we do present that’s why what strategies your project “SharkRace Club” has applied in this recent ended year 2021 and what are your future plans for this running year 2022 regarding your project?

Question by bibasamohuna

Kirill Elkin: SharkRace Club has its IDO on the 10–11 of March, 2022. NFT collection pre-sale and INO will be on 7–10 th March, 2022. NFT Sharks collection mint will be on 23 of March, 2022. Rarity Upgrade Platform and Marketplace will launch in March 2022. The Shark Race play-to-earn game starts in April 2022 with single-play mode and will be continuously developed with multi-play, different modes, leagues, bids. Two major community polls will take place in September 2022 and January 2023. Q2 next year is planned for the cybersport gaming module and interoceanic shark collaboration with other games and baby sharks NFT collection.


Q1. Do you have a AUDIT certificates? or are you working to AUDIT Your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable? Thanks Sir.

Question by D_K_96_io

Kirill Elkin: Sure, we have audited by Hacken and soon materials will be published on our website

Q2. Where I can get the latest updates or more information about the project?

Question by Ayana_Cronin_1992

Kirill Elkin: You can check our website Also we are active on our social media And regularly host fun and cool contests 🏆







Q3. Can You Explain How is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? ANd How Many Tokens Will Be locked By The team?

Question by Sharif99956

Kirill Elkin: Let me share our tokenomics and vesting slides with you guys

Let me share our tokenomics and vesting slides with you guys

Q4. Your project name seems to be very interesting. Does it have any story behind it? Can you share us with the inspiron for approaching to this name?

Question by Beverly_lyles_1990

Kirill Elkin: We are Sharks! Shark is a symbol of courage, strength, and success in various countries. We are sure that our sharks will bring our user’s good luck. Shark Race — is a strong name that reflects power and dynamics.

Q5. What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2021? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

Question by Evie_sparks

Kirill Elkin: We focus on the successful launch of the world’s first rarity Upgrade platform — together with our collection mint which is due on the 23d of March. The demo-version of the Rarity Upgrade comes out this week!!!! Don’t miss it, the announcement will be on the web

The other priority is the P2E games — we try to bring maximum ROI, but also fun and high-quality graphics.

Building a strong and healthy community is definitely our priority too

Host: Thank you so much Kirill Elkin for the very detailed answers!



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