AMA Recap: The Crypto Blade x Solidus AlTech

Host: Hello Liam

Welcome to The Crypto Blade Community

Liam: Hello everyone

Host: Let’s start the AMA session, Are you ready?

Liam: Yes

First Segment: Introduction:

Host: 1. First of all please introduce yourself, and share some information about your team, How big is your team right now?

Please write “done” once you complete your answer!

Liam: Hey, I’m Liam I was the business and strategy advisor for the parent company Solidus Technologies during the inception stages and also advised on Solidus AI Tech. I helped raise the initial capital to get Solidus Technologies started.

I'm from London, England, and My background is finance and structuring financial instruments to raise capital for marketing and business growth.

I have been involved in the crypto scene for many years after my good friend Paul introduced me to the market, I became hooked on the possibilities of blockchain

We have 14 core member

Paul Farhi


Paul is a born achiever and has very high standards in everything he does. He is a passionate entrepreneur and established himself as a successful investor very early on in his career. His main focus was on Property & Fine Art until he was introduced to Bitcoin in 2015 and since then has never looked back. During his career Paul has built a solid network and was instrumental in securing the partnership between Solidus Technologies and Soft Galaxy international. Paul is a forward thinker and identified very early on that Ethereum will be moving from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake which means that mining would no longer be the future for Solidus Technologies and began his research into Artificial Intelligence. Since then he has studied Artificial intelligence at the London Business School and has identified key areas that will be significant for Solidus AITECH in the near future. Paul also owns a Fine Art Company that are taking a serious look at the NFT space. Paul also oversees the overall Marketing efforts of Solidus AITECH.

Adrian Stoica


Adrian is the President of Optoelectronica and founder of Soft Galaxy. He has the mission to combine the expertise from two different worlds: hardware and software and deliver a new generation of computing and data processing to the World. This will boost the world’s technological progress into the future, opening new doors for R&D, smart devices, changing the way we are currently interacting with technology.

He is well connected within the AI industry, and works closely with government entities. He works as a Managing IT consultant with international experience and a combination of consulting experience, general management experience, leadership skills as well as entrepreneurship and business development skills. Valeriu-Adrian has broad industry exposure with a special focus on Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Military / Defence Systems, Blockchain Technology and e-government. He specialises in techno politics and alternative models of governance, with a focus on applications and decentralised architectures for Public Administration and e-government. He is also a founder of an international software engineering company, focusing on Artificial Intelligence and working on solutions for Blockchain Technology. This makes “Adrian” a vital part of the team.

Alexandru Galusca


…”Retired Brigadier General (Romanian Air Force), squadron leader in Air Force Staff operational units, Chief of Military Intelligence, Deputy Military Representative to NATO and EU. “”Ducu”” has the mission to assure the technology transfer and share his knowledge into Artificial Intelligence applied in the Defence field but also to promote the HPC capabilities within NATO, EU and the Romanian MoD. He is responsible for implementing NATO standard cyber security policies within the company.”

Marius Opran


Marius is a member of the Board of Directors, Chief Scientist Defence, Security, SSA-Romanian Space Agency / Member, EU Economic and Social Committee, Expert NATO-SPS, EDA-EOST His mission is to promote worldwide state-of-the-art projects and new frontier technologies developed by Romanian scientists using his experience and knowledge.

Madalin Dumitru, Founder & CEO @ Cyber Smart Defence , part of Stefanini Group

BIO: Madalin Dumitru is the Founder & CEO of Cyber Smart Defence with 20 years + in experience cybersecurity

Cyber Smart Defence was founded to respond to the growing threats in cybersecurity.

During the years, Madalin and his elite’s team of ethical hackers, forming together a united, specialised team that can face any challenge in the cybersecurity field.

Madalin also has a continuous contribution reflected into long term Customer relationship, building strategic partnerships with multinational companies and on-going research and development, always considering the cybersecurity market versatility and constant change that came as a requirement for staying relevant in the fight against cyber-criminals who always have found creative ways to hack organizations.

Madalin helped Stefanini Group in creating a global cybersecurity tower, capable of delivering all cybersecurity services on all continents.

Madalin is also a respected commentator on cybersecurity issues and has previously been interviewed by the likes of NBC, Fox, ABC News, Reuters, Aljazeera and USA Today.

Host: 2: Can you please provide some information about the “Solidus AlTech” project and How long you’ve been building this?

Liam: The parent company of Solidus Ai Tech Limited, “Solidus Technologies” was founded in December 2017 as a cryptocurrency mining firm with a particular focus on mining Ethereum (ETH) via GPU-based mining rigs.

Before Solidus Technologies launched they teamed with software development company Soft Galaxy International. Soft Galaxy assisted the establishment and maintenance of many large-scale cryptocurrency mining projects throughout Europe.

Solidus Technologies raised around $5.7 million via their network of investors during the cryptocurrency market downturn of 2018. The bulk of the investment was used to GPU’s to mine Ethereum.

During the financial crash of April 2020, the demand for AI services rose significantly due to COVID-19 restrictions. Across every industry, the adoption of AI has exceeded predictions for growth. AI is creating new products, boosting revenues, reducing costs and drastically improving efficiencies. The inexorable evolution of technologies has reached the point where there is an urgent need to solve problems with high computational requirements, the solution of which cannot be provided by a single computing unit. To meet these requirements, Solidus Ai Tech has implemented heterogeneous distributed systems of unparalleled computational capacity and has secured a number of partnerships with governmental authorities and corporate entities.

Solidus Technologies’ joint venture partner, Soft Galaxy International have been approved via the European Union for a $3.5 million grant to help towards completing the existing data centre infrastructure and to scale up operations.

Solidus Ai Tech Limited were established in January 2021 as the Artificial Intelligence arm of the parent company Solidus Technologies.

Solidus Ai Tech is building an Eco Friendly High Performance Computing (HPC) Data Centre & an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform where Governmental Authorities, Megacorps, SMEs and Professionals will be able to purchase Artificial Intelligence services seamlessly via the worlds first Ai utilities token AITECH token.

Host: 3: Please introduce the $AITECH token economic system, and what are the utilities of your token?

Liam: The AITECH Token is the primary way to get access to most of the core services on our platform by holding the Tokens. These benefits are otherwise available to general users. So, in essence, the Utility Token unlocks a lot of value for its long-term and loyal users. In addition, the Platform will offer Staking Rewards.

We incentivise clients to use the AITECH token rather then use Fiat by offering discounts on the price of the services they purchase using the AITECH Token.

We also plan on burning a proportion of tokens every quarter until our I-a-a-S platform is live

We’re building a Deflationary Token Economy, one of our main objectives is to limit and reduce the Token Supply long-term. Towards that, we’ve planned to take several steps. Key being using 25% of our Quarterly Profits to Buy-back and then burn tokens. This process will go on until the Total Circulating Supply comes down to 5 billion Tokens. We’re also, of course, going to offer Staking right after we finish our Token Sale Campaign, once again limiting the supply and supporting the price.

The token is Deflationary in nature and therefore the Price increase benefits, among others will accrue to the holders.

We have a total token supply of 10 billion, out of which we are selling 4 billion in our crowdfunding campaign. The remaining tokens are dedicated to the project with the majority being development, marketing, community building. Tokenomics incorporates a deflationary mechanism and includes buyback and burning to support the overall token growth with time.

So, there is a multitude of benefits for the token holders.

Host: 4: Now would you mind telling us more about your project’s milestones and plans for the near future?

Liam: Ai is everything at the moment

Q1 2022

- AITECH token distribution to all ICO investors

- Staking platform live

- Lottery Airdrop for everybody who decides to stake their AITECH tokens

- First order placed to purchase AI GPUs and materials

- Power grid upgraded to support HPC

- Ventilation upgraded to support HPC

- Software development commenced for customer Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) portal

- Software development commenced for Enterprise Blockchain

- Token listing on Exchanges

At the end of Q1:

- Lottery Airdrop for everybody who staked their AITECH tokens

- First quarterly payment for everybody who staked their AITECH tokens

- First AITECH token quarterly burn

Q2 2022

- Second order placed to purchase AI GPUs and materials

- All hardware and GPU clusters set up

- Software optimisation for hardware set up

- Hardware monitoring tools set up

- Cybersecurity policies implemented

- Tier 4 Data Centre requirements implement

- Additional AITECH token listings on Exchanges

At the end of Q2:

- Lottery Airdrop for everybody who staked their AITECH Tokens

- Quarterly payment for everybody who staked their AITECH tokens

- AITECH token quarterly burn

Q3 2022

- Third order placed to purchase AI GPUs and materials

- Customer IaaS portal finalised

- Enterprise Blockchain for Governmental Authorities finalised

- AI infrastructure services marketing campaign commenced

- Additional AITECH token listings on Exchanges

At the end of Q3:

- Lottery Airdrop for everybody who staked their AITECH tokens

- Quarterly payment for everybody who staked their AITECH tokens

- AITECH token quarterly burn

Q4 2022

- Forth order placed to purchase AI GPUs and materials

- Additional AITECH token listings on Exchanges

At the end of Q4:

- Lottery Airdrop for everybody who staked their AITECH tokens

- Quarterly payment for everybody who staked their AITECH tokens

- AITECH token quarterly burn

The next Mile stone really is to complete the presale raise and with the price increase weekly it’s a good incentive to get in early

Host: 5: Lastly, share some information about staking and farming for passive income options in the future? How can long-term investors be benefitted?

Liam: Our mission is to build a solid community that will support us throughout our journey to success. Our community will be rewarded with the following:


Following our successful launch we will offer a staking pool which will pay token holders an estimated 7.5% per annum in our AITECH utility token which can be used to purchase AI services when our Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform launches or alternatively the tokens can be held or sold on an exchange for liquidity.

Lottery Air Drop

Stakers will be entered into a lottery each quarter and the winners will be airdropped AITECH tokens until our platform launches

Burn program

Tokens from our launch that have not have been purchased will be burned. We will then burn additional tokens from the circulation supply every quarter untill our platform launches. In addition to this we will burn a percentage of the AITECH tokens that are used to purchase services on our platform to further decrease the circulation supply.

Lock up

The team & developers token allocation will be locked in a smart contract for 4 years with a small proportion being released each year on the anniversary of the launch date.

To get more about us as a company view this short video

2nd Segment: Questions from Twitter Announcement:

6: Certain regulations in some places have limited the adoption of cryptocurrencies. On your website, there is a prohibition on a certain region not to partake in your initial coin offerings. Are there some selective policies associated with AIRTECH about some regions?

Question by nse_tommy

Liam: The only jurisdiction we cannot do business with at this time is American Citizens(due to their ICO laws in the USA)

7: Almost 4/5 of investors are focused purely on the price of tokens in short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?
Question by Sifat411322

Liam: Yes, with the staking pool and the burn program in place why would you sell a token when you know half the supply will be gone in two years or so?

8: I read that Stakers will be given the option to unstake their tokens in the final week of each quarter. My question is what happens for those who continue more than half a year?

Question by fawad_ahammed

Liam: Yes this is correct if you decide to continue staking ever quarter you do, you will be entered into a airdrop lottery where you could win additional tokens or exclusive Solidus NFT’s

3rd Segment: Live Questions from Participants

Q1: What is #SolodusAI’s ultimate goal in the crypto market? Obviously, the entire industry will expand dramatically in the next years, but what role do you want your project #SolidusAi to play in that expansion?

Question by KaptinBlack

Liam: Their is a massive shortage of HPC centres in Europe once we complete the internals of ours we will become one of the largest, we already have contracts in place netting us a profit of £60m a year once fully operational and with the team we have behind us the only way is up

Q2: Do you have AUDIT certificate or are you working to AUDIT your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable?

Question by mathanosto11

Liam: Yes we currently are being audited by Certik

Q3: Can you list 1–3killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about.??

Question by Robin234111

Liam: Solidus is also a strong supporter of the ‘Crypto Climate Accord’ which is focused on decarbonising the cryptocurrency industry by 2040. Our data center will also run 40% more efficient compared to industry standards due to our IP & evaporating cooling methods, evaporating cooling is 80% cleaner then traditional air conditioning methods. The electricity costs in Bucharest are also cheaper & internet speeds are faster than most countries in the EU meaning we can operate at lower costs and also in a more Eco friendly way then our competitors.

We are the worlds first AI utilities token to be used to purchase AI services via HPC centres like we have built. Our IP allows our hardware to operate not only faster but also more efficiently by using less electricity — this is patent pending

We use evaporating cooling systems which are around 80% cleaner then traditional Air conditioning

Crypto Climate Accords main objective is to decarbonise the global crypto industry by prioritising climate stewardship and supporting the entire crypto industries transition to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040

This will be highly beneficial for the entire crypto industry

Q4: How can I buy this tokens? Is it available on any exchange?

All project coins have their main utilities & real-life usecase! So, can you tell us What are the main role of your coin in your ecosystem?

Question by Ayesha_siddiqa00

Liam: You can buy right now at it will list in May on Uniswap and the token is used to purchase our services from our HPC infrastructure

Q5: What are the radar major partners now and have you done any partnership with ventures? is there enough fund raised by your project? Thanks Sir??

Question by Internationalcryptonft21

Liam: We have an official partnership with Microsoft and cyber defence smart along with a JV with softgalaxy and letters of intent from governmental authorities and pharmaceutical companies

Host: Thank you so much Liam for the very detailed answers!

I would recommend to our community please join Solidus AlTech social media channels for more updates











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