AMA Recap: The Crypto Blade x SpaceDAO

Host: Hello Noorie

Welcome to The Crypto Blade Community

Noorie: Thank you. It’s great to see you

Host: Let’s start the AMA session, Are you ready?

Noorie: Yes

First Segment: Introduction:

Host: 1. First of all please introduce yourself, and share some information about your team, How big is your team right now?

Please write “done” once you complete your answer!

Noorie: Hello all. I’m Noorie in charge of the management of the community so SpaceDAO and I get interested in DAO innovation because I always believe the DAO will replace the role of the corporation in the future. And SpaceDAO has more than 15 members so far. Many founders have been listed on the website. And you can get it easily.

Host: 2. Can you please provide some information about the “SpaceDAO” project and How long you’ve been building this?

Noorie: SpaceDAO is the first DAOFi project with VR Games on BSC. The main goal of SpaceDAO is to find energy crystal and try to set up the connection with more planets in cosmic space, SpaceDAO rewards gamers by earning BNB and it provides a new VR algorithm, creating a new 3D game experience in crypto, and finally becoming the first technology open platform of VR game on BSC

On the other hand, SpaceDAO creates an all-new space for players to explore and have virtual space so we’ll need a procedure to alter the DAO. That’s why we call it SpaceDAO.

SpaceDAO has spent several months and been building up it in the GameFi and DAOFi world. It takes more time in terms of the experience of DAO or crypto research in founders of SpaceDAO.

Host: 3. Please introduce the $SPD token economic system, and what are the utilities of your token?

Noorie: The SPD token is the only token in SpaceDAO. We had designed the tokenomics of it.

You can go through the details below.

Seed: 1.5% (10% at TGE, vesting 10% every 30days)

Venture Capital: 3.5% (15% at TGE, vesting 15% every 30days)

SPD Pre-Sale: 10% (20% at TGE, vesting 20% every 30days)

Add to PancakeSwap LP: 5% (Form LP with half BNB from SPD Pre-Sale)

Mining: 72.5% (Mining in the Staking Game)

Marketing: 3.5% (5% at TGE, vesting 5% every 30days)

Core Team: 3% (Cliff 180days, vesting 5% every 30days)

Advisor&Partners: 1%(Cliff 90days, vesting 5% every 30days)

Host: 4. Why is DAONFT special? What are the utilities of these NFTs?

Noorie: DAO NFT is special one and the significant part of SpaceDAO that can practice our ideals.

Actually we’re going to launch the first round of DAO NFT Sale at 10:00AM UTC, Jan 25. Need some reasons to have it?

Well, holding DAO NFT can get the revenue share, ticket for TESTNET Game, airdrop benefits of various games in the future, and can participate in community governance by voting.

The NFT of the DAO is transferable, and the interest is transferred with the NFT.

In the first game of Energy Crystal, holding this NFT could get kinds of rights and interests as below:

(1) In the first stage of Energy Crystal, 50% of the transaction fee(tax) can be distributed once a day in the form of BNB

(2) In the first stage of Energy Crystal, 50% of the fee(tax) of the trading market of the game can be distributed in the form of SPD once a day

(3) In the first stage of Energy Crystal, 5% of the total amount from the purchase of mystery boxes, in the form of BNB, will be distributed once a day

Host: 5: What phase is development in for the game and what’s the team’s primary focus for the short term?

Noorie: We’re in the TEST NET development now. And it will cost more time to make it easily use and beautiful. So we are in a very early stage actually. As you know that we are in the airdrop and giveaways now to boost our community and get more responses from users around the world.

In the short term view, we’re doing work about partnerships with other companies and players to share our vision with them and make more promotions in the BSC communities

2nd Segment: Questions from Twitter Announcement:

6: What are the benefits of holding your token as a long-term investment? Can you tell us about the motivation and benefits for investors to keep your token in the long run?

Question by BojorMamud

Noorie: The SpaceDAO has long-term plans in DAO development and plan about GameFi platform. Especially, we have prepared for the VR times and have our own algorithm in VR games which I believe will help us get competitive advantages.

Make difference in our line. So SPD has more usage scenarios in the game and other scenes.

As I said before, hold our token and our DAO NFT can get benefits from the development of SpaceDAO. Airdrop and tickets to enjoy test net game and have authority to vote for methods in game design probably.

7: Is an NFT blockchain game, most of the NFT games only focus on profit with P2E, because this is one of the main attractions of blockchain games. So, is more focused on the player experience on and off the game to create a balance between playing and winning?
Question by _CreePea

Noorie: Sure. Good question.

SpaceDAO is totally different in the game design like I said before. At first SpaceDAO is not only the GameFi project but also DAO platform in VR technology. Off chain is our duty to get more attention from normal users maybe many are using VR and get interested in VR game but not similar to crypto so we will be the solution for them and provide abundant resources about VR so users can get other apps and get our games both. It can easily get new users.

And users of course can get profits from our P2E game patterns but noticed that we provide other ways to get profits and participate in governance process for project’s development.

8: I looked at the “SpaceDAO” website. Maybe in the future will be a very demanding game with all its fun. How can I play the game? Do I need to download any app or is it on the website? Are there any special requirements for mobile devices to play games smoothly and easily?

Question by nabilha90188298

Noorie: Firstly. Thanks for your attention and visit our website before. As you checked, we will launch the first vision game is NFT game which is interesting and allow users to collect NFTs to swap rewards. And buy mystery boxes in the website.

Considering the experience of using in mobile, we provide the H5 version in NFT game stage. So it’s not a problem and you can get rewards and you can buy NFT in your devices at any time.

Meanwhile, we will develop and launch the mobile Apps in the April maybe and users can get VR games in that so website is not the only gate to get in.

3rd Segment: Live Questions from Participants

Q1: Current NFT is a hot topic, but are NFT not just for art. Does your project think that more real-world use cases will emerge for NFTs as time goes on, why should we take NFTs seriously?

Question by nobukohall*

Noorie: Yes. Of course, NFTs will accelerate the transformation of our world and it is definitely could change our lives. And as I said before we provide more information about NFTs in SpaceDAO.

For instance, you can own DAO NFT in SpaceDAO and it can get dividends from games in the future such as you are co-founders in the game. Look at it, we just take advantage of the NFT already.

Q2: What use case and utilities of your token? Can I do staking for passive income benefits and what else long-term holders can benefit?

Question by KinaAndre42

Noorie: Not really. In SpaceDAO you can stake NFTs to get profits in the staking feature. SPD holders can get rewards in the platform’s revenue by using our website and participating in patterns of P2E in NFT game stage.

Q3: Where can I buy your tokens right now what is your current contract and how can I buy them??” Will you have any other DeFI features like staking, yield farm, or NFT in the future?

Question by Samanthamarira

Noorie: You can’t buy our tokens right now. Beware of fake contracts. The SPD has yet to be released. And please follow our Twitter and community and channel. We will publish the important information in that. The SPD will launch in Pancake at first if we release it. Thank you

Q4: Do you have a whitepaper? If have, please share it with us. Secondly, Do you have plans for pre-sale?

Question by jaackhunt20

Noorie: Sure. Check in one page in the website and read the white paper in

Yes we have plans for presale and it’s different but. Participate in SPD pre-sale must have been listed in whitelist by DAO NFT holders. One DAO NFT have 10 places of whitelist. Yes, you can decide who can be listed in the whitelist or you can fill 10 of your address if you prefer to. Anyway, in SpaceDAO we wish more managers of communities can join the Sale so we will launch the DAO NFT Sale at first.

Buy DAO NFT can get dividends in the future and also has 10 places of whitelist so you can decide how to use it!

Q5: Partnership is always an important factor for every project. So who is your partner? What are the benefits you get from those relationships

Question by error96ji

Noorie: The springrabs and cryptoa and voyageCapital and fatboy capital are our partners. More partners are coming soon.

Host: Thank you so much @NoorieLa for the very detailed answers!

Please share your feedback about our community and your AMA experience, Thanks

I would recommend to our community please join SpaceDAO social media channels for more updates

- Website:

- Twitter:

- Telegram:

- Channel:

- Medium:

- Discord:




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