AMA Recap: The Crypto Blade x XTStarter


Host: 1. Could you please make a concise introduce on XTStarter?

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Schaller: XTStarter empowers qualified projects the ability to launch tokens and offers them insightful advice to develop what they matter- project evolution and community engagement.

Host: 2. How long have you developed XTStarter?

Schaller: We have started this platform as early as Sep. 2020, but its original version names as XT Launchpad. We rebranded it as XTStarter at the end of last year because we aim to devote not only startups, but also mature programs. I think we are strong enough to extend more and usher more operations in this field. Our slogan is The World’s Leading Blockchain Asset Platform.

Host: 3. What benefits can users get from your platform?

Schaller: XT users have access to a) buy and earn new tokens; b) a 20% off purchase of the popular tokens without any lock-up period; 3) airdrop distributions.

Host: 4. How to participate in it?

Schaller: The priority is you have an XT account and Join telegram. Users can focus more interesting campaigns in our official TG, or website

Potential projects can seek Launchpad via

Host: 5. What’s your accomplishment in the past?

Schaller: XTStarter is delightful that it has successfully helped Casper win a big fund, and here I, on behalf of XTStarter, appreciate all XT users. it’s you that facilitate our progress. What’s more, we also enjoy outcomes on LUNA Subscription, ALGO Subscription, AVAX Subscription, NEAR Subscription. All sold out within seconds upon Discount Subscription started.

Host: 6. What’s your relationship with Exchange?

Schaller: XTStarter is an affiliate of XT Exchange.

Host: 7. Could you please elaborate more on XT Exchange?

Schaller: XT.COM Exchange established in 2018, in Seychelles, with its operational headquarters in Singapore,is the world’s first social infused digital asset trading platform.

he platform has rich trading varieties such as coin transactions, leveraged transactions, OTC transactions, and credit card buying coins.

It has operating centers in many countries and regions such as Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul and South Korea. Its business scope covers the world.

Currently, XT.COM ranks TOP 40 on CoinMarketCap and has introduced more than 300 digital assets, including mainstream coins, popular DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, all of which can be visited on XT.COM. Details can refer

Host: 8. Are there some operations scheduled at the first half of 2022?

Currently, we are rolling out Discount Subscription coordinating with popular projects like SAND, MANA, AXS in the market, and this week will be another metaverse campaign staged. What’s more, our business extension is also underway handing with heavyweight communities and KOLs in the industry. If there are relevant sources, please feel free to email us to Thank you.


1. Most investors focus only on the short-term price of the token instead of the actual value of the project. So what are the benefits for long-term investors in project?

Schaller: The purpose of XT Starter is to promote high-quality projects and encourage users to hold and know it after purchasing.

I think these projects will get better and better in the future.

2. How do you intend to raise awareness of your initiative in countries / regions where English is not widely spoken? Do you have a community outreach strategy in place to help people better comprehend the project?

Schaller: At present, we only have one community, “focusing on one point”, and we will consider establishing more language communities based on the community’s feedback, and XT Exchange, as our strong support, will learn from its community to attract people from various countries and regions who are interested in us. And we will continue to conduct AMAs for members of other communities to know us and grow slowly.

3. What’s your current roadmap status? Has #XTSTARTER been successful in reaching all your roadmap targets? Can you give us a brief roadmap update?

Schaller: The particularity of XT Starter makes it impossible to make a complete roadmap. We will continue to look for excellent project cooperation according to the market situation. This is a dynamic inspection standard, and it is not bad at present.

4. Feature is the most vital thing in building project growth, a product will not develop without good feature and promotion, whatever it is good. Can you provide a list of killer features that scare your competitors over your project?

Schaller: There is no more attractive point than a 20% discount to subscribe, and no lock-up allows users to trade freely, which everyone will like.

5. What is your project ‘marketing strategy’ ?? What will you do to make your project stand out against others in the crypto field and the people who come to explore your project?

Schaller: I think people who understand the answers to all the above questions can know where our strengths lie. We include all the excellent projects on the market, each of which has its own shining points, but we have gathered them all together, this will allow us to stand out.

Host: AMA is concluded!



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