AMA Recap: TheCryptoBlade x DogeBoss

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5 min readDec 25, 2021


Host: Hello Kenichi Sinoda

Welcome to The Crypto Blade Community

Kenichi Sinoda: I’m Kenichi Shinoda founder of Doge Boss… a pleasure for me to be here.

Host: Let’s start the AMA session, Are you ready?

Kenichi Sinoda: Yes!!!

Wow, 1930 online users here.

First Segment: Introduction:

Host: 1. First of all please introduce yourself, and also share some information about your team?

Please write “done” once you complete your answer!

Kenichi Sinoda: I’m Kenichi Shinoda, my background is business in Fintech, and did some real business in the real sectors too, such as real estate, restaurant, coffee shop, and also for blockchain sectors, especially marketing and branding.

But I never did prostitute business…

We have 6 people in the team, myself, 3 developers, designers, and business advisors.

We are an international team, we are good people and we never did any scams, we love animals, we love women, and we love nature.

Host: 2: Briefly enrich our audience about the main concept behind “DogeBoss” How long you’ve been building this?

Kenichi Sinoda: The concept of DogeBoss is a meme reward token project….

Where the community of DogeBoss can earn Dogecoin passively..

Why did we choose DogeCoin? We believe Doge can reach $1

In the near future, we want to provide project advertisement service in our community.. for other projects.

Our products…

are dependent on community.. and the market

we're targetting DOGE ARMY.

Host: 3: I’m curious to know about your $DBOSS. Can you please give us more details about its sales and listings? What are the utilities of your token $DBOSS?

Kenichi Sinoda: We launched a few days ago by fair launch.

And… we want to get listed on CG and CMC when we are ready

In the near future.. we want to provide marketing service for other projects.

But it will go through the due diligence process by our team.

and there is no cost.. only need to hold 1B $DBOSS token for 7 days and we can host AMA and give our opinion about their projects.

Very interesting right? it's cheap and it can increase $DBOSS value and grow our community.

Host: 4: Can you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

Kenichi Sinoda: You can earn doge before the price pumped when holding $DBOSS tokens

Soon we expect a lot of investors will hold doge boss tokens and we may create a VIP group for them.. so they can get selected projects from us.

If you buy now it is very cheap and you can earn doge

for the long term when we bring utilities.. you can IMAGINE.

that's it.

Host: 5: What are the future development plans for DogeBoss?

Kenichi Sinoda: Depends on the community.. when we reached 5k holders we want to develop our ads platform where people can earn bounties.. and projects can advertise.

Join our community friends

Be part of the next big thing…

You can troll here or send memes

but don't fud

2nd Segment: Questions from Twitter Announcement:

6: What will be rewarded for holding DOGEBOSS?

Question by Taiwo94119663

Kenichi Sinoda: Doge coin

7: Where I currently buy your Token. What is your current contract address? And How can I buy them? Is it available on any exchange?

Question by Jan43851484

Kenichi Sinoda: You can buy through poocoin:

and pancakeswap

8: This is practically DogeBoss’s first AMA session ever, Can you provide me with some information regarding how you plan to spread the word about DogeBoss to other crypto communities in the world? Is there a convinent you’re interested in making connections with at the moment?

Question by AwaisMalick12

Kenichi Sinoda: For now we are spreading doge boss through Twitter by influencers, and through crypto communities on telegram…

in the future we will make partnerships with other projects.. we want to give our opinion in our community for selected projects.

so if you want to buy tokens in the future you can join our community and hear about our opinions to minimize risk.

9. I’ve seen the website & there’s no mention of an audit of your smart contract, so can you give us details if you had done any audit before? In case you haven’t, would you plan to get a review of your smart contract in the near future?

Question by bamthorigolds

Kenichi Sinoda: For now no need to audit for our smart contract.. you can see our SC is clean and simple.

there is no minting system in our contract.

And Lp already locked on DXSale

when we have dapps we can do Audit by Certik.

3rd Segment: Community Round:

Q1: I am a crypto investor and I only care about the prospect of crypto that I chose, tell me the reason why I should choose your token over the existing one? What is your token advantage that can convince me to change from my favorite

Question by gufygfu

Kenichi Sinoda: Because we are honest.. and we are not going to scam you.. also by holding our tokens you can earn DOGE.. passively

Q2: Is your project only for elite investors, what about others

with small funds, is it open to everyone?

Question by mira_akter

Kenichi Sinoda: It's open for everyone… you can hold at least 200k $DBOSS to earn doge but of course, the reward will be very small.. but yes you can buy by any amount.

Q3: Sir I have a question,

and I need this question answer.👎

What motivated you to start this project?

Question by Seloty54

Kenichi Sinoda: We believe Dogecoin will go to the moon.. Elon may put Doge logo on his SpaceX rocket

Q4: Partnerships are essential for any platform to build from level zero to success. So

does your project have a strong partner to support to defend against big

competition in the crypto market?

Question by Newbe12

Kenichi Sinoda: We want to do partnership with hundreds of project.. for the first time maybe we will offer other projects for our business audit.. to give our opinion for free at the first stage.. you can imagine how many projects that will come because we will charge nothing at first stage.

Q5: How can I buy your tokens? Can it be available on any exchange? Do you have semi-private and semi-public events?

Question by ggjojopopo1

Kenichi Sinoda: We did fairlaunch.. no presale.. no dev wallet.. and you can buy in poocoin now.

DYOR and Buy


Host: Thank you so much @KenichiShinoda for the very detailed answers!

I would recommend to our community please join DogeBoss social media channels for more updates