AMA Recap WidiLand x The Crypto Blade

Host: Hello An Nguyen welcome to The Crypto Blade community

Mr. An Nguyen: Hi everyone, this is my big honor to present here and discuss with you all about WidiLand.

Host: Let’s start the AMA session, Are you ready?

Mr. An Nguyen: yes I am

First Segment: Introduction:

Host: 1. First of all please introduce yourself, Your background and share an interesting story of how you got into crypto?

Also, please share some information about your team, How big is your team right now?

Mr. An Nguyen: I’d love to. Hello everyone behind the screen, my name is An — CEO & representative of the great upcoming project named WidiLand. I myself have a strong passion for video games and Defi. This is definitely the reason why I’m crazy in love with GameFi which is the combination of them. Now, I’m here to share with you about our project — WidiLand.

Our team has 8 key persons including me — CEO, Mr. Tran Xuan Duc — Co-Founder/COO, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Binh — Co-Founder/CPO, Mr. Nguyen Nhat Anh — Game Owner, Mr. Nguyen Trung Anh — Head of Blockchain Development. Mr. Bui Anh Nhan — CMO, …We are a group of people who are experts in diverse fields but with the same goal of making WidiLand the most enjoyable Defi Game ever!

Host: 2: Can you please provide detailed information about the WidiLand project and How long you’ve been building this?

Mr. An Nguyen: Yeah, of course. WidiLand is basically a GameFi, which means a video game based on decentralized finance.Widiland is a game that follows the traditional farm game that let users cultivate, breeding, plant tree, do gardening, harvesting, etc. And especially, everyone can interact with each other in-game.

The game is created with a good mechanism for players to be entertained will be able to earn tokens in-game.

We have formed the team and developed the game since early of 2021, building WidiLand is a long road, we hope that we will be stronger in the future and spread our meaningful message “connecting people and protecting the environment” to the community.

Host: 3: Can you share more details about the $WIDI Token-omics, is there any particular vesting schedule if so can you share more about it?

Mr. An Nguyen: Let me introduce to you the main token of WidiLand:


- Token ticker: $WIDI — the governance token of WidiLand

- Total Supply: $400,000,000

- Speculation: BEP-20


Vesting Schedule

Use Cases:

- Purchasing lands and characters in WIDI NFT Marketplace

- Staking to earn interest

And about the second token of WidiLand used in the game for specific purposes, we have $WSO


- Token ticker: $WSO

- Total Supply: unlimited

- Speculation: BEP-20

- Contract Address: TBA

Use Cases:

- Upgrade characters and lands

- Joining specific in-game events/mini-games

Host: 4: Next, please share with us the development progress of WidiLand and its expansion plan in the coming time.

Mr. An Nguyen: WidiLand has long-ranging development plans stretching to 2024 and aiming to build DAO metaverse in 2024. We are in Quarter 3 of 2021. We have done a lot of things that can be seen on our roadmap. We are perfecting the website, we have done ~90% of the first version for the chapter1, we have successfully raised funds, we are preparing for the IDO, NFT marketplace. We are preparing for our official game launch Chapter 1 “Journey Begins”, which will be released within 2 months.

Our priority is still to focus on developing and improving our game and bringing the best experience among players. At the same time, we have planned and are implementing marketing activities, community events, and IDO organization in November. In December we will launch a Beta test & open an Early Bird Sale for Limited Treasure Boxes. And also Chapter 1 “Journey Begins” will be officially launched in January 2022. For further information, you guys can check our roadmap on our website or whitepaper.

Host: 5: Briefly enrich our audience about the main concept behind your game “WidiLand”?

Mr. An Nguyen: Ahh cool question. Let me tell you the story of Widiand.

In our wildest dream, the Earth in 2130, human-made it to the edge of life. No living things could exist in such a polluted environment. And come to the Widi project, a small group called Widians has been chosen to explore a green-blue Earth-like planet called WidiLand with a unique mission “find a new home for humanity”. The name WidiLand sounds familiar with Windy Land — the sound of a restart.

Unfortunately, Widians have a bad situation when landing, communications to the outer world have been cut. Their only choice is to survive on that new-explored WidiLand. And that’s how the journey begins!

2nd Segment: Questions from the Twitter announcement:

Host: 6: GameFi now takes everybody’s interest in the crypto world. With the mixed entertainment and profit, we can get on GameFi Play-To-Earn games, even non-gamers are interested in it. Is @WidiLand compatible also for Non-Gamers in the crypto space? Or only for gamers?

Question by FariaFari8

Mr. An Nguyen: From the very beginning, our goal was to make WidiLand become a game that will be accessible to all different audiences. We don’t just create a boring money-making game, but we focus on developing the in-game ecosystem and focus on intriguing gameplay to attract more traditional gamers.

For traditional non-game and non-crypto people, we will give out onboarding guides, tutorials, and airdrops to help our traditional players to try blockchain technology and blockchain tech-supported games. Currently, we have been promoting our game on many different media channels, including Crypto-oriented channels like Telegram, Twitter, or traditional marketing channels like Facebook, Discord, Google.

We also hope to reach people through their favorite content creators (Twitch streamers and Youtube Game streamers) that are from the non-crypto gaming space and let them use WidiLand as an introduction to the crypto world.

Secondly, about our product strategy, our keyword is Easy-to-play & Free-to-earn, everyone can participate easily. In order to increase user accessibility, we’re planning to launch WidiLand on mobiles without having to directly connect to a wallet, lifting the curtain for the people who do not know about crypto.

Host: 7: Is WidiLand a game compatible with mobile devices like a phone or tablet or only is possible to play by the pc?

Question by Miraakter11

Mr. An Nguyen: Thanks for your good question. WidiLand is accessible on various kinds of devices including mobile phones, tablets, PC, etc.

Host: 8: Every blockchain-based projects sHowcase the benefits of their platform. In the case of WidiLand, What can users benefit from and gain from the platform?

Question by BENSTOCK26

Mr. An Nguyen: Yes, of course, WidiLand is an NFTs Game. We can gain attractive rewards from playing WidiLand. Users have 3 ways of earning tokens: Yield farming & Staking, Borrowing to increase productivity, or Playing our games to earn $WSO, which is used for every event.

3rd Segment: Community round

Q1: Do you have a whitepaper? if yes please share it with us and secondly are you working to AUDIT your project, to make its security more secure and reliable?

Question by mitul976

Mr. An Nguyen: “Thank you for your question.

Security is the top priority that WidiLand focuses on. Smart Contract and the entire system have been audited by the current top Auditor — Certik.”

Q2: Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or does it only limited to professional users?

Question by Anna01823

Mr. An Nguyen: WidiLand is for everyone. Anyone can join the game with Free to Play. You can play the game without paying anything. We target various kinds of users, they can be crypto gamers, or just purely gamers who come to WidiLand to play games. I believe that what makes a long-lasting business is because of its product, we are making a game, it has to be a good game, made for end-users and it should be accepted by everyone not only crypto users.

Q3: Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project? Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood. So I’d like to know who your ideal consumer is for your product?

Question by Rachael049

Mr. An Nguyen: I believe that this should be lifetime activities, not only the project creation. Since we are creating a product for end-users, so end users’ feedback is very important for us to build a good product. We will conduct surveys, feedback AMA to get users’ responses to the game. We don’t target any specific “Ideal” customer, Our ideal customer can be anyone who wants to play the game and have fun entertainment with their friends, or just simply the one who wants to release stress after work.

Q4: How does the project increase the token’s value, liquidity, and utility? So that it can lead to an increase in token prices? What is WidiLand plan to make the WidiLand project stable and provide the highest return for investors in the long term?

Question by messi10301

Mr. An Nguyen: It is a big question. People out there may focus on marketing, advertising, etc. However, we do believe in a Good product will make a token’s valuation increase stably. We will certainly do good marketing, but we strongly believe in good products, long-term vision, stable business are the keys to your concern.

Q5: I can see that WidiLand has borrowing and lending features for its users. Would you care to explain to us how does it works in your platform and what are the requirements to borrow and lend assets?

Question by Jmagsss

Mr. An Nguyen: We have NFT marketplace for users to borrow, lend, trade items. NFT items are unique, any NFT item you purchase will be certainly unique and you are the only one who owns it. You can use these NFT items to play in more advanced modes in the game, something like to work more efficiently in-game, faster harvesting time, etc.

I think I have done 5 questions, I want to answer all of the questions, however, we have limited time. Wish you all the best and I look forward to seeing you all in the next AMA. Let’s get ready for our game launch. Have a good day everyone.

Host: Thank you so much @annguyenhuu for the very detailed answers!

I would recommend to our community please join WidiLand social media channels for more updates

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