TheCryptoBlade x Autonomy AMA Recap

INTRODUCTION: On the 30TH of May 2022 at 10AM UTC, we held an AMA with Autonomy — A Decentralized network for creators to build tokens and grow their communities.. Here is a recap of the event if you missed it.

  1. AUT is used to secure the network (dPOS) — enable staking for validators on the network
    2) AUT serves as medium of exchange for various creator economies built using Autonomy
    3) We plan to build Autonomy as a DAO of DAOs. In this journey AUT powers progressive decentralization with Governance benefits to holders
  1. Launch of our incentivised testnet To test all our protocols — Autochain, Autowallet, Automint, Autolaunch, AutoDEX and AutoNFT. All these protocol are current built and live on our testnet
    2) Launch our No code super app and onboard the first 100 communities in the waitlist
    3) AUT is currently in private sale phase. After product launch we will do a public sale and list our token on popular CEX/DEXs





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