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6 min readMay 17, 2022


INTRODUCTION: On the 16TH of MAY 2022 at 2PM UTC, we held an AMA with Game WonderLab— a universal mobile blockchain gaming platform, here is a recap of the event if you missed it.

Host: 1. Please introduce yourself. What did you do before crypto and did you have any other previous venture in crypto?
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Guest: Hi everyone! It is my pleasure to be here today and share our exciting project with all of you.

I am the marketing director of Game Wonderlab. Now our team is working hard to build the Game Wonderlab platform.

I was previously working in investment banking and accounting industry.

Although I have been working in traditional industry for years, I’ve always believed that blockchain technology will be the future and will have a huge impact in a lot of traditional industry.

The vision of Game Wonderlab is to become a compatible platform for both IOS and Android mobile system and “make sure all the Web 3.0 mobile games are in Game Wonderlab”.


Host: 2. What is the Game Wonderlab project about in a few simple sentences? You can talk extensively about the ecosystem and what it entails and what makes you stand out in relation to other projects in the sector you are operating in.

Guest: Great question!

Game Wonderlab is a universal mobile blockchain gaming platform that will contain hundreds of blockchain mobile games.

We are providing players with a one-stop gaming experience.

Under our WIN-WIN patern, which we also call it GameFi 3.0, we have three modes for players to choose and play.

As some of you may already know if you have read our Whitepaper, they are FREE to PLAY, PLAY TO EARN, and PLAY TO WIN.

I reckon that the Win-Win pattern is the key to make our GW platform stand out, especially the FREE TO PLAY as it allows players to join the GameFi world without any initial cost.

Another character of GW platform is our game node.

A total of 50,000 nodes are set up, and users from different places around the world jointly ensure the stable and safe operation of the platform.

Speaking of our advantage, I believe it is that we have a game development team with 20 years experiences in the gaming industry.

That means, we have very rich game resources.

My team always believes that the important thing of crypto games is “fun”, and that is what we put our greatest efforts in.

We aim to build the world’s largest blockchain mobile game platform.


Host: 3. Did you raise funds so far? If so, how did you handle them? Are you planning to do any future raises?

Guest: We have not raised any funds yet.

The money we currently spend is coming from founders and node contribution.

However, we are planning to start financing our project later this year.

Our project has been popular recently and we have several VCs coming to us about the investment.

Stay in the loop and we will announce the news when we do on our website.


Host: 4. What role does the token play in the Game Wonderlab ecosystem?

Guest: thanks Joe. This is a good one

In the GW ecosystem, we have GW tokens and in-game tokens.

They play in different roles.

GW Tokens are the top-level tokens in GW ecosystem with a limited total supply

as we would like to stabilize the token economy.

GW token will be freely held, transferred, and it will be able to be exchanged under the blockchain standard.

As for in-game tokens, they are those tokens that players can use and earn during the gaming process.

It also can be exchanged in the market and can be used to purchase items within the game.


Host: 5. How far along are you with your roadmap and what should we expect in the next weeks and months?

Guest: thank you Joe

It’s been progressing nicely so far.

We started to advertise the sale of our GW nodes in mid April

and up until last week, we already have nearly 8000 node contributors

In terms of games, we are expecting to launch our first game in June on the platform.

After that,we are planning

to launch 2–3 games in July.

and then depending on the market response

we are expecting 2–3 games every month in different types later this year.

thanks Joe, I am finished here.



1. Game WonderLab describes itself as “a One-Stop destination for all the gamers”; so what are your amazing features and advantages to attract crypto and non-crypto gamers to your platform?can you briefly talk about the different opportunities available for gamers on your platform?
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Guest: thank you @CacaAndika151 for this great question!

Game Wonderlab is an open mobile game platform which provides convenient SDK tools to help traditional games quickly shift to blockchain games, and provides a modular protocol for game publishers to quickly complete AMT.

In plain English, it means that you can have your favourite games on our platform easily and quickly!

At the same time, the professional GameFi team and guild can quickly help traditional games establish a relatively mature economic system and education system.

Our team always believes that the nature of the game must be “fun”, and that is what we put our most efforts in.

For the players on our platform,they have the chance

to turn the time they spend on playing games into the acutal profit and money they earn while having fun.

They can also trade GW tokens, trade NFT, or buy the node to be our early contributors, which can also generate income.

Game Wonderlab offers different Play-to-Earn mechanism.

I will explain some of them here.

For Non-Investment Player: if players do not put in any money in the game, they have the option use free hero to participate in the battle in order to accumulate enough in-game pass rewards.

which means that they can earn money when they don’t pay for anything

For Digital asset owners: Players can treat NFTs heroes as digital assets and earn rewards/income by actively fighting in the arena.

More details will be coming up with the game launching

Hope this explains your question.


2. Half of the population of P2E players place great importance on high-end graphics and stunning visuals, and that really appeals to them. Can you tell us the graphic and visual aspects you used?
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Guest: thanks @rendiberentet, this is a hard one

In the core values of our team, I have to say that high-end graphics is not the toppest one on the list.

For the games, we believe “fun” is the ultimate soul for any traditional games and blockchain games.

A game that is not fun is not only a waste of time but also is worthless because it means that your tokens will be useless after speculators run out of the market.

We are trying our best to achieve the best experiences for all the players, and it is hard as each player has their preferences.

some players like pixel games, the graphics is completely unrelated to the high-end quality.

We hope that through cellphones, everyone can enjoy blockchain games at all time.

but our game development team is also working very hard on improving the graphics and visuals for the game.

The first game we are going to launch in June this year is an online digital card game, from our Japan team.

You are very welcome to have a try and let us know how you feel about it

Blockchain games need real gamers to participate in and therefore drive demand for tokens.

We are working to provide a platform that offers fun games and attracts real gamers; This will sustain our ecosystem in a good way.



Q1. Where can I buy your tokens right now what is your current contract and how can I buy them??
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Guest: you can access all the information that you need on our website to purchase the nodes.

we don’t sell tokens for now, once the game is launched, you will be able to buy tokens in the game using USDT.

at that time, you can also sell the tokens you get from the game in the exchange market.

if you are interested in our project and our node contribution, please visit our Twitter page or the website, we also offer the node refund policy for the node purchase.

Please check the website and Twitter to learn more.


Host: AMA is concluded!