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9 min readApr 9, 2022



Host: Q1. We’d love to get acquainted with you,
So please begin by giving us a brief Introduction of yourself and your Crypto Experience so Far. Also, tell us a little about your Team’s experience.

Zha Ke:
Personally, I would still consider myself very new to the crypto space as I only started dabbling in crypto when I joined MegaFans just about 1 year ago. Although our team is well versed as a whole, especially our Special Operations manager, I call him our crypto dictionary/bible.
In regards to the team’s experience, We truly are living and experiencing the idea that everyone in a startup wears several hats and manages a whole lot! I don’t want to spend forever going into everybody’s background so I will focus on our CEO at this moment.
Jeff has an extensive history in the world of gaming. Mr. Donnelley has been a gaming executive since 1998, when he owned his first advertising agency, and has been a key growth strategist for some of the biggest brands in the eGaming industry including Ubisoft, Draft Kings, World of Tanks, and Jam City (Panda Pop and Cookie Jam). Mr. Donnelley has started five companies and had two successful exits to date. MegaFans is Mr. Donnelley’s latest project. His vision is to build the world’s first mobile eSports community using blockchain technology and the first mobile gaming company to offer cryptocurrency and NFTs in a play-to-earn environment for gamers and collectors to win, trade, and share. Jeff is also very passionate about supporting women in gaming and technology and he is using this global platform to reach and promote women entrepreneurs across the world.

The rest of the team is based all around the USA & Canada. Our development team from just outside of San Diego, and a very talented team of marketing/operations and social media from Phoenix, Chicago, Miami, and Calgary — it’s quite the remote company.

Host: Q2. Now to the business of the Day,
MegaFans, tell us all about MegaFans, it features, Game-play and benefits for Gamers and Partners.

Zha Ke: MegaFans is building the world’s first mobile eSports community using blockchain, crypto, and NFTs in a play-to-earn environment for gamers, collectors, and developers. At our core, we are built around our software development kit (SDK), which can integrate with any mobile game application, offering a competitive game environment where anyone, anywhere, anytime can play against other gamers across the world, simultaneously, for prize pools. We have multiple paths to take this technology. Not only can we partner with game developers to offer an esports system in their games but we can also offer our own games and tournaments that are developed and built in-house.

Host: Q3. The Token $MBUCKS, please give us a full rundown of its Tokenomics, use-cases and Plans for IDO.
Also we Noticed you have a Token Use Map, What’s this about?
Please enlighten us

Zha Ke: Our IDO will be with our Governance token (MBucks). With the MBucks you will have various features and uses. You will be able to stake MBucks to earn our MFans tokens, or if you stake for long enough you will gain access to airdrops and access to exclusive events! The MFans tokens will be used in our MegaFans games across all platforms., or you will be able to trade up your MFans to receive MBucks or even exchange MFans for NFTs. Those NFTs can then be used in various use cases within our platforms and channels!

Host: Q4. What are you plans on the Integration of NFTs as We’ve noticed you have an NFT market place on your Website, what are the NFTs on MegaFans going to be like ?

Zha Ke: The use case for our NFTs is quite broad including but not limited to staking, trading for MBucks, and more but the main point we like to showcase is the actual use of the NFTs in the MegaFans ecosystem. We can share 2 of those features today, one is the use of a MegaFans NFT for entry into higher rollers tournaments that will only be accessible by owners of a certain rarity of NFTs, these high roller tournaments will be accessible in the Metaverse, specifically within MegaFans Dapp arcades and we are looking to integrate this into the mobile game versions as well but currently, our games are off-chain and operational and we do not want to disrupt our partnership with the app stores.

The second thing we can share is the future NFT project we have. As we briefly mentioned just above we will be offering different rarities of NFTs and that will be coming in the future. Currently, we offer a weekly NFT tournament to win a MegaFans “classic” NFT that has no use at this time but upon the implementation of the new NFTs and the new system, we are glad to exchange the “classic” NFTs for a new one with the advanced use cases! What you win now in-game will benefit you later in the project life cycle!

Host: Q5. Finally now, Tell us, What does the future hold for MegaFans, and what are some potential advancements to look forward to?
If at all possible, please share with us your road map.

Zha Ke: The future is bright, We have hit several milestones that we are very proud of, in regards to the competitive space of mobile games for prizes, we are proud to have our 3 active games that are operational and follow all guidelines of the app stores we are in, unlike our competitor in SKILLZ who were banned from the Google Play Store for not complying with the guidelines of the app stores. Our most recent milestone is the success we are having entering the Hua Wei store and Samsung App Stores, as of last week we now have live games that can be accessed in these stores!

Just at the end of 2021, we broke even on Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) which is unheard of for mobile games like ours, especially in the young state of our company and games! Along with that, we are the first mobile game company that gave away NFTs as mobile game prizes.

In our crowdfunding stage with Launchpool Labs, our funding period was actually over the subscribed meaning we brought in more money than was intended when they closed the round. We were the first company to graduate from the LaunchPool Labs Incubator as well!

For future news or plans, you can join our Discord ( to learn more about the roadmap and updates of MegaFans or access our website to see the roadmap, tokenomics and so much more!


Twitter Q1. A good project always has competition and duplication of ideas. What is the long-term vision of @MegafansEsports in the blockchain NFT market to keep up with the trends with technology, community and related issues?

Question by @PrinceH23390084

Zha Ke: Another idea of the NFTs that we did not mention above actually is that not only will NFTs be earned/bought and used and that relatively is the end of the lifespan of that NFT but we want to offer another way to receive income from more than playing, you can also host a tournament with your own MegaFans NFT (or potentially any NFT) and players around the world can compete to win your NFT and you will receive a chunk of the entry fees that players pay to enter your tournament! This also can come with in-app promotion material that we can help you promote your tournament to raise the number of entries (earning you more money)

Twitter Q2. Breaking barriers is part of your mission to unite the #esports and #gamefi community worldwide. But how will you democratize access to all Esports-loving users? What are your strategies and how do you plan to implement them to make this utopian dream possible for everyone?

Question by @Alon14091

Zha Ke: We truly believe that esports should be accessible to everyone and anyone. One way we are doing this is the promotion of our current off-chain app store games where there is no need for a crypto wallet or various transferring of cryptocurrencies to enter, the mobile store apps can be played and earn funds that can be cashed to your local currency. And of course, with the evolution of our games, we will offer Dapp games that people can access and link their crypto wallet to for the more advanced crypto users. We are offering a way for experienced users and complete noobs to earn while playing against people across the world

Twitter Q3. Are you incorporating a mobile application function into your project? I observed some icons on your tokenomics area, such as the Google PlayStore and Apple Store, among others. Would you lunch at other similar retail platforms, and how would they help you meet your financial Objectives

Question by @mz_a_annie

Zha Ke: We briefly touched on this topic above but I will be glad to break it down further! We are currently live in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and the in-app purchases through those games continue to help up reach our financial objectives alongside those, we have added the Samsung App Store and the Hua Wei App Gallery meaning we now can reach over 85% (not sure on the exact number) of the globe via those 4 app stores!

Twitter Q4. One of the most common issues is that most investors nowadays are just concerned with short-term gains and do not consider long-term rewards. Is it possible for you to give them some reasons why they should buy and hold #MegaFans tokens over time?

Question by @AdamBang11

Zha Ke: In my previous answers today I have broken down some of the reasons why we hope to convince users to hold our token. Although we are not naive, you are 100% right and we understand that people may not stick around. That is why we have delayed our IDO that was originally scheduled for February 2022, we saw the actions of the market and want to wait longer and build our business to be sustainable so that we can survive market fluctuations and the whims of the buyers!. Here is a message from our CEO regarding the IDO delay

Note From The Founder

We are living in exciting times as we move into the future of eSports, developing the world’s first MegaFans Megaverse and the launch of our IDO.

Many of you may have noticed last week that we moved our IDO launch date. This was a decision that was made after studying the current market conditions and considering the advice of numerous advisors and experts who have made the space of cryptocurrency and blockchain their home.

We are watching the market trends closely to ensure that every invested member benefits from the greatest level of success. This is a decision that MegaFans believes will increase our longevity and value to secure our success well into the future. Our launch is coming and we will ensure we choose the best time for all of us to capitalize on our investments. In the interim we have some amazing new product announcements coming up that you’re not going to want to miss.

I want to thank you for your support and excitement about this project! Keep watching, the future is near!

Jeff Donnelley,
CEO of MegaFans

Twitter Q5. Megafans has some features on their site i don’t quite understand some of these are cryptoslate, gate, infinity pad and DAO maker. What are these features and how do they function?

Question by @Babahvoss

Zha Ke: These are not features within our games or system but they are partnerships with other companies in this space!

CryptoSlate is a leading news and data site in the world of cryptocurrency! You can learn more about them here: CryptoSlate already has a live page with details about the MegaFans project, our team, and will continue to report on updates with the token and news for our company! is one of our partners for the launch of the MBucks token when it occurs later this year!


Q1. Truly, you’ve done AMA in many telegram groups, so what next, what other way will you make your project more popular?

Question by @ewadsworth

Zha Ke: We have indeed done a lot of AMAs in Telegram groups and of course this aids our goal to grow our interested users and potential Coin Buyers! This is partnered alongside marketing of the games themselves and it is spreading via word of mouth across the globe but also we are of course taking the natural actions of social media marketing and various other sources of advertising although restrictions on crypto/P2E topics limit where we can reach or what we can say!

Q2. On your website you don’t mention that you have done any internal or external audit of your smart contract, so can you give us details if you have done any audit before? And in case you haven’t, would you plan to perform any review of your smart contract in the near future?

Question by @mazahakaka

Zha Ke: [In reply to Sarah Mazaha]
We are in the act of doing our internal & external audits right now although I do not have the most up to date information on this as I have yet to meet with our developers today! IF you would like to come back and ask this once again in our Discord or Telegram, we should be able to get you a better answer! or

Host: AMA is concluded!