TheCryptoBlade x NeoCortexAI AMA Recap

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8 min readMar 3, 2023

INTRODUCTION: On the 3rd of March 2023 at 11AM UTC, we held an AMA with NeoCortexAI— The Premier Destination For Cutting-Edge innovation…Here is a recap of the event if you missed it.

Basic Project Introduction

Joe (Host): Q1. Let’s start with you. Please tell us a little about yourself and your experience in the Blockchain field.
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Jimmy (Guest): First of all thanks for having us with you guys and the vibrant community that you have once again. I’m Jimmy, the team lead of NeoCortexAi.

I am an experienced blockchain individual with over 3 years of hands on experience in the industry with a proven track record of success, I have played an integral role in various groundbreaking projects such as gamefi, metaverse projects, NFT projects and launchpads. Throughout my career the projects I have been involved with have honed my skills in developing blockchain based products that cater to wide range of industries from gaming to finance.


Joe: Q2. The team behind NeoCortexAi Now, what unique experience does your team bring that puts NeoCortexAI in a position to be successful?

Jimmy: The team behind NeoCortexAi consists of experienced professionals from diverse sectors of the blockchain industry including project development marketing, quant trading, angel investing, building DEX, staking pools, DEx aggregators and NFT marketplaces.
Additionally we have also enlisted the support of an advisor with over 10 years of experience in incubation which will undoubtedly aid us in achieving our goals.

With our well planned roadmap, we are fully confident in our ability to succeed, being in the industry for more than three years we were associated with multiple projects like mentioned above and have greatly helped each project grow with the full potential of all the resources at our disposal.


Joe: Q3. NeoCortexAI is said to be making a significant impact in the world of AI and blockchain, tell us more about your Products, services and Ecosystem. how does this Benefit users and The Blockchain at Space large?

Jimmy: Yes that we are, we have a robust ecosystem that is sustainable with innovative products such as the Ai index pool, Ai brain center and the Ai launchpad. Which at the moment there are very few platforms that provide these services.
Integration of Ai into blockchain hasn’t been fully realized as of now, traditional Ai projects have huge potential to tap into blockchain and crypto, however there is no such platform that is offering a one stop solution.

This is where NeoCortexAi comes into bridging the gap between Ai and blockchain projects. NeoCortexAi will onboard web2 Ai to Web3 Ai, provide exposure to too early Ai projects through our incubation and finally the index pool via innovative NFT sales will generate substantial revenue in a sustainable way so be sure to join us on our journey to the moon and beyond.


Joe: Q4. Do tell us more about your NFTs, the iNFTs and pNFTs, what are the Differences and Functions of both.
Also, what benefits does this Offer to Users ?

Jimmy: Sure, firstly the pNFTs, they are free NFTs that we are giving to our community. pNFT holders will get benefits such as-
Airdrop from IAiO project tokens, free project NFTs and sometimes also discounts in the IDO/IAiO participations and time to time random lottery winners, front running on IDO and private allocations in early rounds.

Secondly, the iNFTs, these are the Ai index pool NFTs and are wrapped with Ai promising tokens they are a proof of hold for the Ai index pool for users that take part in the Ai index pool, all the profits generated through the DCAing of our Ai trading bot will be converted to our NAI tokens which will then be sent to our nft holders these nfts are also tradable on the marketplace if the user wishes to do so.


Joe: Q5. Now some Tokenomics Information, do you plan to Have a Native tokenf for NeoCortexAI? If yes, how is it’sTokenomics designed, what is it’s function and Role and what incentives does it Provides to Holders?

Jimmy: So we have two tokens, the CORAI token and the NAI token.

The CORAI token is our launchpad token and we will be having the IDO for this token soon. This token will be used for IAiO/IDO/INO fees for our launchpad, staking, LP, and holders will have access to exclusive private allocations and the token will also have a share in the Ai index pool. The total supply is 1,000,000,000 and we are having a IDO round soon at the price of 0.005.

The NAI token is our platform token which can swapped from CORAI, the NAI tokens will be used for Ai index pool management fees, conversion of the index pool where the profits and the principle amount will be converted to NAI tokens and given to iNFT holders. The NAI token will also be used for advertisement fees for the brain center and news hub for NeoCortexAi.


Joe: Q5. What about security? Can you tell us what security measures you have in place to ensure the System is overall Safe? Have you done any Audits??

Jimmy: Yes security is a very important topic.

For us security is also our top priority for the project as well as for the community. We are taking care of this very carefully. With the experienced team of ours with years of development experience security won’t be an issue for us.

Everything is well secured and our audit is also under process so that adds an extra layer of security. We will share it to the community once we have it.


Joe: Q7. Collaboration and partnerships are some of the most important cornerstones to help improve adoption. Can you tell us about your current partners, plans for partnerships investors and Backers.

Jimmy: Yes, partners and investors are get help us grow. For now we have oddiyana ventures, a veteran in the crypto space with a wide portfolio who have helped over a 100 projects grow and triple gems capital as well as our early investors.

We are glad to have them on board as they have a huge ecosystem and have really helped us to be what we are today. We are in talks with more investors and will disclose them soon.

For our launchpad partners we have Kommunitas, Duckstarter, genshards, brandpad, and many more to be announced soon so join our announcements channels and official Chanel’s to stay up to date with us.


Joe: Q8. As a final Question, tell us about development status, a Recap since you started building NeoCortexAI, what are you presently working on, and being a new season What comes next?

Jimmy: The Ai incubation/ acceleration/ Ai launchpad are all ready to launch.

After the CORAI token is launched, the first batch of Ai index pool will also be launched and we will have our first IAiO on our own platform for CORAI. So please participate in it, we will have detailed guidelines on how to participate in our IAiO, it’s very simple and user friendly, stay tuned for more updates. More IAiO/IDO/INO will be followed after our first IAiO and index pool.

The Ai brain center and Ai swap will be launched soon according to our roadmap which will be in Q2.


Questions From Twitter Audience

1. AI is fast taking its position in the metaverse and we keep seeing many PJs surfacing with the narrative , not so many doing well on the blockchain yet but we stay bullish on the uniqueness, what’s the one thing that makes NeoCortexAI stand out ?
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Jimmy: Yes, we’ve noticed that trend as well but the USP of NeoCortexAi as I mentioned before is that we boast a sturdy ecosystem that is built to last, supported by cutting edge products such as Ai index pool, Ai swap and Ai braincenter. Currently only a handful of platforms offer these making our offerings truly unique and innovative. Our Ai index pool is perhaps the most unique device that we offer.


2. Hello, with the hype and the trend on AI these days, there is tendency for bots to be attracted to your project, so what do you have in place to battle bots and scammers so as to keep your PJ safe and running?
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Jimmy: With the hype and trend surrounding Ai these days there are definitely bots loitering around trying to scam people. Just like I mentioned earlier our project has a robust dev team with decades of industry experience so all the bot protections and antisnipes will be implemented on a very high level.

And plus we will be getting our platform audited which would help keep external threats to our project at bay.


3. Can you provide some examples of real-world applications of NeocortexAI’s AI and blockchain technology?!
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Jimmy: A real world application of our AI and blockchain tech would be the Ai index pool where users can take part in the index pool, the pool will consist of Ai promising tokens( for now promising projects are singularity and fetch ) IAiO tokens and our own CORAI AND NAI tokens. This pool will be DCA’d by our Ai trading bot and profits plus the principle amount will be given back to iNFT holders


Questions From Live Audience

Q1. Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or does it only limited for professional users??
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Jimmy: Our platform is suitable for beginners as well not only for professionals. Our launchpad is also very simple and user friendly. With our launchpad we have tried to solve existing launchpad barriers to entry like tier systems, stakings etc. ours is first come first serve and only consists of 3 steps to participate. Our Ai index pool is also very simple, more info can be found on our website and socials so please join to stay updated.


Q2. Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?
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Jimmy: Yes they do, gradually we will be moving to DAO governance, where community members can vote and create their own index pools, but for now we will only be having 10 index pools created by us. So join our community to create your own index pools.


Closing Remarks:

Jimmy: Thanks for having us here and for such wonderful questions. For those that are searching for our social links you can find them on our websites and also the announcements for this AMA. Join us and let’s go to the moon and beyond together.

Thank you.


Joe: AMA is concluded!