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11 min readMay 17, 2022

INTRODUCTION: On the 16TH of May 2022 at 12PM UTC, we held an AMA with PlayPad — the first IDO platform for VR, Gaming & Play2Earn projects in metaverse. Here is a recap of the event if you missed it.

Host: 1. We’d love to get Acquainted. So please give us a brief introduction of yourself and the team behind PlayPad. Also, tell us a little about its Innovation.
Please write “done” once you complete your answer!

Onur: I’m Onur. I graduated from a well-known technical university in Turkey with honor graduates. Before creating the PlayPad, I worked in the industrial equipment, automotive, and tourism sectors as an executive and business development manager in different countries. I have been in the crypto industry as a trader and a manager for six years. And Since June 2021, I have been the CEO of PP Technology and Software Limited, and PlayPad is our first project on the crypto market as we launched in November 2021.

There are thirteen people currently working in Playpad and the number is increasing steadily because our business and the number of projects are growing. Also, the number of people in PlayPad is growing because we have new services and departments under PlayPad Incubation Zone including Fundamentals, Design, Development, and Marketing.

All the people in PlayPad are very experienced in their verticals and areas. Recently we have decided that all of our people should be shown on Linkedin transparently as we would like our community to see that Playpad is backed by a great number of people with great backgrounds and qualities.


Host: 2. Now, tell us, please, what Is PlayPad all about, let us know about its features and its benefits. Tell us about the problems you are trying to solve with PlayPad.

Onur: PlayPad is the multi-chain, next-generation Launchpad and Incubation Zone.
It is the ultimate choice of crypto investors to invest in high-quality blockchain projects worldwide. PlayPad provides the investors with the Fastest & Cost-Effective Way of Investing in Crypto through participating in IDOs, IGOs, and INOs.

The competitive edge Playpad brings can be explained under the topics below:
The Quality Projects: PlayPad only works with promising crypto projects, game-fi, de-fi, and metaverse projects with high ROI possibilities for its investors and its community. You can participate in the IDOs, IGOs, and INOs which you can find only on the top-tier launchpad platforms.

Intelligent Investments: Participating in the IDOs, IGOs, and INOs with PlayPad is more cost-effective when compared to other launchpads. As PlayPad itself is an early-stage GEM project with reasonably low token prices, holding and staking PPAD is considered very advantageous. Eventually, the crypto investors and PlayPad community can benefit from the same valuable promising IDOs, IGOs, and INOs with relatively low participating costs. This is one of the great advantages of the PlayPad.

Detailed Review Process: The review process that PlayPad conducts is a very detailed one. The review team evaluates a project and decides whether a project is worth doing IDO for under the lights of this project’s backers, investors, technology, founders, team, tokenomics, and other qualifications.

PlayPad Guarantee: We keep the funds invested by our community under our protection and we will not transfer the funds to the project until the project accomplishes a successful listing on a CEX or DEX.

The Fastest Eligibility: To be eligible for holding a PP Ticket, you need to stake 10.000 PPAD and lock only for 7 days. From that perspective, this is the shortest period among other launchpads. PlayPad enables and helps you participate in great and quality IDOs, IGOs, and INOs quickly.

The Ease of Use: Playpad’s stake pool mechanism is one of the fairest models in the market. There are relatively easy unstacking requirements when compared to other launchpads.


Host: 3. Please give us detailed information about the $PPAD token. How does it function within the platform, and why is it needed? Kindly provide us with a full rundown of its Tokenomics.

Onur: The PPAD token allows you to invest in new blockchain projects which are held on the PlayPad Launchpad platform and earn passive income. When an investor holds and stakes PPADs, he will be able to benefit from the reward pool and also he will be included in the IDO and IGO pools to gain access to PlayPad Launchpad. Participants will need to stake a predetermined amount of PlayPad tokens (PPAD). The longer you stake, the bigger your earnings will be.

The PPAD holders can benefit from more enormous allocation purchase opportunities in this round. They still need to have their KYC approved, and then they have to stake at least 10.000 $PPAD tokens before a given IDO, IGO, or INO. Every 10.000 $PPAD tokens guarantees 1 PP Ticket, representing the right to purchase a certain amount of allocation for the IDO.

%70 of the Total Allocation will be used for a PP Ticket Round.
Only stake pool will be calculated for ticket allocation.
The minimum stake amount will be 10k PPAD for 1 PP Ticket.

Lock your PPADs and get multiple PP Tickets immediately.
If you lock PPADs for 7 days, you will get 1x PP Ticket
If you lock PPADs for 30 days, you will get 2x PP Ticket
If you lock PPADs for 90 days, you will get 3x PP Ticket
If you lock PPADs for 180 days, you will get 5x PP Ticket

Also, you can add more PPADs later to the stake pool or extend your lock period for more PP Tickets. Harvest and Unstake are not available during the lock period.

You can check our Tokenomics here:

We locked one year 10M tokens for Team. But as we announced that we burn %1 of remain team tokens for each IDO or IGO. Till today we burned almost 2,3M PPADs. You can find the proof in our medium articles.


Host: 4. We see you have some strong partners with whom you cooperate to bring high-quality projects to investors. Can you tell us about this, and would you be open to more Partnerships?

Onur: In Playpad, we give great importance to every partner of us. We are stronger with our great partners.

We have two types of partnerships:
1- Strategic Partnership which we build with the venture capital companies.
2- Ecosystem Partnership which we build with launchpads, chains, market makers, agencies, metaverses, and other blockchain industry companies.

For example:

Some of our Strategic partners are DreamBoat Capital, Sanctum Global Ventures, Moonlift Capital, Traveler Capital, MH Ventures, and also we have great relations with Animoca Brands, OKx Ventures, Master Ventures, Maven Capital, and more.

Some of our Ecosystem Partners are Parallel Chain, Skynet Trading, Blockpass, Peckshields, Polygon Chain, Polygon Studios, Kommunitas, InfinityPad, and more.


Host: 5. Let’s talk about Future goals now. What’s next in line for PlayPad? What are the Future goals or Ambitions for PlayPad, and how would this Better the Crypto space even more?

Onur: We aim to increase the influence and market reach of Playpad beyond today’s leading launchpads and incubation centers through some important steps:

1- Playpad Launchpad will only do launches of uniquely top-tier promising projects.

2- Playpad Launchpad will be soon listed in top-tier exchanges.

3- Playpad will incubate quality projects which will generate double and triple-digit X ROI projects which will be listed under the top 1 CEX.

4- We would like to be the first metaverse launchpad platform that enables its users to participate in IDOs and do networking with others in PlayPad Metaverse.

5- PlayPad will be a leading venture capital in a near future, investing in high-quality projects.

6- we want to be a trend-setter organization. Recently, there is a growing trend like “Move 2 Earn”. Together with our partners, we would like to create and market this kind of trend in the industry.



1. Playpad is a multichain launchpad and incubation and you said you are the most fastest way to investing crypto on your website, how do you intend for safety of invested funds how do you intend to match the defi hacks and honey pots that come to submit for your services.
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Onur: Security and protecting our community has multiple dimensions.

From a technical perspective, PlayPad’s smart contracts are audited by Peckshield so that we ensure the quality, the solidity, and the strength of our technology.

From a legal perspective, Playpad is the project of PP Technology & Software Ltd which has been a legally established company and we have been doing very strict contracts with the projects. Those contracts ensure the best interest of our community and protect the rights of our investors.

From an investment perspective, we guarantee the security of our communities’ investments by ensuring the healthy listing of the projects and the successful token distribution. For example, We keep the funds invested by our community under our protection and we will not transfer the funds to the project until the project has accomplished a successful listing on a CEX or a DEX.


2. How many killer features of nowheredao that makes it ahead of its competitors? Could you tell us 2–3 features? And What are the plans to educate and raise awareness and adoption among the community to make more people understand about the project easily?
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Onur: Great question, thank you.

The breakthrough features are designed to be an ultimate tool for investors to step ahead, and for newcomers to educate themselves. I would like to explain how we can make this happen with the new features:

Now it has the user-Friendly Interface with Easy Use, Clear Dashboards, New Features & COOL Functions.

All investors can see their investments, transactions, tokens in a single place.

You can see how much project allocation you will have in advance at any time. Investors will know in advance how much allocation they will receive from which sale and will be able to calculate.

You have the access to all Playpad’s sales statistics/Performance of the previous projects.

A New Section called “Research” is now live on the new Platform. Investors can find more detailed information and technical analysis about every project. (Whitepaper, Tokenomics…etc).

As the New PlayPad platform supports all EVM-based blockchains, investors will have early access to all projects regardless of blockchain.

VERY CLEAR DASHBOARD for your Stake & Farm Pools
Investors will be able to see in detail how much allocation they have obtained from which Staking, Farming, and Gaming functions they have done.

I think seven is enough,

3. I am curious as to why most features on the your project website aren’t readily available? what should gamers expect from the incubation section and the quality of the games in the gaming sections. How will the games be modified, are there any fees to be paid?
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Onur: We have just renewed and launched our new platform, our new website full of new features.

As there are many new qualities and features in it, we would like to focus first on communicating it to our community and ensuring they internalize it with every detail.

This is why we plan to pursue a phased approach like 1. establish our website, 2. establish and announce PP Incubation Zone 3. start publishing the mini-games.

So please stay tuned and keep watching us with the great new features and programs of PlayPad.

For example, the PP Incubation Zone will take care of your breakthrough ideas and the promising new projects from the design to the listing with its teams and departments below:

PP FUNDAMENTAL department services are composed of Tokenomics & Vesting Strategy, Roadmap Strategy, Launch Strategy, SAFT Preparation Advisory, Legal Opinions, and Fundamental Advisory.

PP DEVELOPMENT department services are composed of blockchain development, Website Web3 Integration, Single Asset Staking & Farming, Multi Assets Staking & Farming, Governance, Token Vesting Platform, and more.

PP MARKETING department services include Marketing Strategy Creation, KOLs Marketing, VC Tour for Fund Raising, and more.

PP DESIGN services include Corporate Identity, Website Concept Design, Keynotes and Decks preparations and more.


4. Almost 80% investors have just focused on price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us on motivations and benefits/value for investors to hold your token in long term?
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Onur: Shortly; talking about The Innovation — Playpad is a gem project, a microcap with $550K valuation which has huge growth and triple-digit times ROI opportunity. PlayPad provides low investment high-return projects priority. At the same time protecting our community by constantly improving our analysis and security conditions. That’s how we make the difference.


5. I believe that PlayPad is really Great and has very big Potential to Thrive in the future. Can you please Tell me how I can do Investment with PlayPad ? Do you have any ICO or maybe presale now?
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Onur: There are great and promising projects all the time on Playpad. This is why you should always follow us through our web page and Twitter:

For example, here you can find the projects currently we have and we will announce other great ones.

You can invest in the great projects on Playpad by participating in the IDOs.We have created a very clear and fair launchpad participation mechanism. A launch is composed of three rounds which are: Whitelist Round, PP Ticket Allocation Round, and KYC Approved Users Round. The investors and the community can join one or all of them if they comply with the requirements. And this mechanism prevents bot’s participation.

1 - Whitelist Round is a whitelisting campaign built on the Gleam campaign engine. To benefit from the whitelist round and be able to purchase tokens from this round, participants have to have their KYC approved, then register and accomplish the campaign requirements. %20 of the total allocation will be used for whitelist competition on Gleam.

2 - PP Ticket Round is the one where PPAD holders can benefit from bigger allocation purchase opportunities in this round. They have to lock at least 10.000 $PPAD tokens for 7 days and they have immediately 1 PP Ticket. %70 of the total allocation will be used for a PP ticket round.

3 - KYC Approved User Round is open to all the KYC Approved Users. %10 of the total allocation is allocated under this round.



Q1. What makes you feel confident about Playpad’s survival and sustainable success in the near future? Do you consider community feedback and requests when creating your project?
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Onur: We have been listening to the feedback and asks/needs of our community and we decide on our products and services accordingly.
for example, we have recently developed and published our new Web Site and UI. And we have designed it only with the feedback of our community and the customers/investors.

And our ideal customers are the crypto investors from all over the world. They are very careful when analyzing and investing in the crypto projects and this is why in PlayPad we apply very careful and detailed project review and bring only the quality and promising project on PlayPad.


Q2. Is your project only for English speaking countries or is there a community for other language users?Great project?
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Onur: We have different channels in Discord for different languages.

Now Open on Discord!
Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian and Turkish Channels

We’re waiting for you on:


Host: AMA is concluded!