TheCryptoBlade x PrizeFighter AMA Recap

INTRODUCTION: On the 4TH of April 2022 at 2PM UTC, we held an AMA with PrizeFighter — a play-to-earn boxing game built on Blockchain, here is a recap of the event if you missed it.

Host: 1. Please offer us a brief introduction of yourself and the Prizefighter team, as we’d love to get to know You and the Team behind it. What unique experience does your team bring that puts Prizefighter in a position to be successful?
Please write “done” once you complete your answer!

Hugo: Hi everyone, this is Hugo from Prizefighter project.
I am the chief game designer in the team, mainly focusing on the gameplay and system design.

Our team comes from the traditional game industry, and we are an award-winning game studio since 2015.

Each of Prizefighter’s management team has more than 10 years of experience in game development, and our CTO has also been the technical lead of several other Defi projects in the market.

Host: 2. Now to the Business of the Day, Prizefighter has been taunted as ‘the best play to earn boxing game on blockchain’. Tell us More about it’s Gameplay, Key advantages and all It’s Unique Features.

Hugo: Okay, thanks for asking!
Prizefighter is the first Action Boxing game on Chain.

Prizefighter gameplay mechanics are based on professional analysis of the most popular boxing game in the recent 20 years.

The battle mechanics and gameplay model is a successful model proven by the market.

For the earning model (tokenomics), we studied many of the successful and failed cases to conclude the ultimate model. Prizefighter is not just another P2E game, we aim to change the whole P2E environment.

Moveover, we combined Move to Earn style into our gameplay to better elaborate our game to our players’ life.

Host: 3. Please give us a walk through the $RING Tokenomics, its said to be the basis for the meta-game and economy. Tell us everything there is to know regarding It’s Tokenomics.

Hugo: No Problem.
To better answer this question. Let me share our tokenomics.

Here is our tokenomics.

As you can see from the vesting schedule, developers’ tokens are locked for up to 30 months.
We are trying to let our users know that developers will always be here to ensure they have a great experience throughout their journey in Prizefighter.

For more details, please feel free to visit our official website:

Or Joining our Telegram and Discord:

Host: 4. Now please Could you share the development status and progress of the Prizefighter thus far? Including the major partners and perhaps some operational data.

Hugo: Good Question! Please allow me to share our roadmap.

We have pretty much finished the move to earn and play to earn sparring mode, and currently working on smart contract integration.

Currently, we are working on the preparation for IDO and TGE, and at the same time, some NFT events.

We will allow our OG users to free-mint some of our free-mint exclusive boxers, and many perks will come with that.

For example, Whitelist to our metaverse stadiums, exclusive OG group to earn additional perks in IDO whitelist, and some other perks. Join our Discord community and get ready for the free-mint event.

(And the Freemints Arts are also promising)

Start to be active to start levelling up before the rest of the crowd:
Discord community:

Host: 5. Regarding security, How secured is Prizefighter? Also, any plans on NFT integration as we Noticed you have something about “NFT collabs” sometimes along your road map. What’s that about?
Could you tell us more.

Hugo: Security is a big issue indeed.

I believe many of you have heard of many “Accidents” happened in crypto games or Defi projects.

With regard to security, it will be our CTO, William, expertise. (<< the magic person)

As I mentioned before, he has over 10 years of experience in server & backend development and he has also been the technical lead of several other Defi projects in the market.
All the Defi projects are running smoothly without security issues.

Moreover, our contracts will be audited by Zokyo to ensure the contract is secure and has no backdoor or any other tricks.

For NFTs, as mentioned before, we will soon start our free mint events.
Those NFTs represent the support to the Prizefighter project and determine the Whitelist of many features in the future. You don’t want to miss this!

There will be more update on NFTs, please make sure you followed our Telegram:


1. What are your marketing strategies, and how do you plan to onboard traditional gamers not already on the Blockchain to Prizefighter?
Question by

Hugo: We are excited to announce that Prizefighter has signed the former World Boxing Champion, Gerry Penalosa, as one of our spokesperson !!

We are currently preparing an exclusive NFT Gerry Penalosa starter pack for his fans that could possibly bring in non-crypto users to the blockchain world.

On the other hand, we are also bringing in Gerry Penalosa’s boxing gym in real life to our boxingverse, in which he will be running it personally.

Meet Gerry Penalosa in our boxingverse and have him recruit you to become Gerry Penalosa guild members.

Many more boxers will be coming next. Join our community and stay tuned:
TG Community:

2. At #Prizefighter, we can has different gameplay modes as SPARRING, TOURNAMENT, PVP. Can you explain what is the difference between each gameplay modes mechanism? Do you have specific requirements for players to be part of the different modes and is its open to everyone?
Question by

Hugo: Thanks babycrypto14. Please allow me to explain a bit deeper on the gameplay.

is designed as the daily P2E game mode where players can earn $RING upon winning the matches. Indeed, the better quality the gear, the more $RING can be earned for each win.

is a more competitive gameplay. Player will need to pay an entrance fee in tournament. Player will need to fight against players in the same tournament. The winner in the ladder can share the entrance fee pool.

is more like a side bet on other players. It is a live battle where only the one with true skill can win.

Players will only need a Boxer with Gloves , Pants and Shoes to start.
(You bet you’ve never seen a box fight without those gears , so yeah.)

3. In Prizefighter, there are 5,000 stadiums of various rarities. Can you explain a little about the different uses for your stadiums and how I can benefit from them? Can I get greater benefits if I have more stadiums? Is it true that stadiums may only be traded for RING tokens?
Question by

Hugo: Thanks for asking the Stadium JenneyJ10
Being a stadium owner will earn 10% of the tournament entrance fee as passive income.

Stadium owners can actually start their boxing stadium business in our Meta-verse. (Boxing-verse)

Recruit other boxers from the leader board to fight for a Guild World Championship to win up to $10,000 worth of $RING tokens and other exclusive NFTs as reward.

The stadium will be traded with FANTOM ($FTM) or $RING token.

4. Staking $RING as per what i read will delegate players with governance rights which allow players to have full ownership in the decision-making process of the game’s future development. Exacly how transparent would this be and what amount of $RING do I need to stake to be a part?
Question by

Hugo: Our staking contract will be audited by Zokyo to ensure its safety. 🔐
On the other hand, as you know, staking will be 100% on blockchain, providing a traceable and transparent environment for all users to check, same as governance.

If there is something that users can go on to vote, every vote will be transparent on the blockchain, traceable and transparent.
You can stake any amount of $Ring to start the governance.
However it’s just like how much you own a company.

If you stake a larger amount of $Ring, your share will make your vote weight more while comparing to others who stake less.

5. To start playing Prize Fighter, How much money do I need? Is it required that I need to have NFT characters or a specific number of $RING tokens? Also tell us how does $RING focuses more on the player experience in and out of the games to create a balance for playing & earning?
Question by

Hugo: All players will just need a Boxer with Gloves, Pants and Shoes to start earning.
Players can start earning in Sparring mode and Tournament mode with the gear mentioned above.

We are going to release a “Starter Pack” with all the elements needed for sell, it will be a good deal and the selling arrangement will be released on our telegram and discord channel. Do not miss out.
Join our Channel for the most Updated information:


Q1. I am interested to investigation in #Prizefighter project. When and where can i buy your tokens? Is it already listed exchanges?
Question by

Hugo: hi Maya. Its not yet TGE / IDO .
And to whom also concern about it.
We will be TGE / IDO very very soon.
To get WL , free mint our boxer is one of the best way.

Please follow our Telegram to get update info if you are not yet join.

Q2. “Many blockchain projects are just on paper and have no real meaning. What practical product is your project using? What plans do you have for a better product in the future?
Question by

Hugo: hi lestari.

Yes, many P2E projects before is with simple gameplay and boring DeFi integrations.

But implementing the idea of P2E (or even M2E) , we are trying our best to provide a game changing FUN and sustainable environment.

Host: AMA is concluded!



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