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INTRODUCTION: Hello Everyone, Another AMA took place in TheCryptoBlade telegram group on 27th June 2022 at 8PM UTC and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our guest Adam Russel and MO Kumarsi, Co-Founders of REV3AL. Here’s a Recap of the AMA in-case you missed it…

JOE (Host) : 1. We’d love to get Acquainted, so please give us a brief overview of yourself and the Rev3al team. What unique experience does your team bring to the table that positions Rev3al for success?
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Adam Russel: We have a diverse team of experts from crypto currency, software engineering , blockchain developers, game developers, cyber security, ip development etc. The team background can be found here. .
Our advisory Board is what we are most proud of. We assembled the best of the best in each area of security, Metavrerse, XR, market making, marketing, project dev etc. I encourage you to take a look at there backgrounds. .

A little about me — I started my career and spent many years as VP of biz dev in cyber security for enterprise clients. I have been involved in the blockchain and crypto space since 2016 as a thought leader as well as investor and advisor. Focused on latest technology including VR since 2014 along with defi, DOA’s, NFT,s and the Metaverse.

MO Kumarisi: I have been an advisor in the blockchain and crypto space to over 30 different companies . Have been in the space over 6 years in ever aspect.
Over the last 10 years, I managed and led teams globally into the hundreds of thousands and have grown into a thought leader and educator. I continue to build communities.


JOE (Host): 2. Rev3al is a digital anti-counterfeiting, copyright protection, and cybersecurity technology, according to our Findings.
Tell us more about it, what services it provides, and what problems you’re attempting to solve with it.

Adam Russel: The nature of digital media makes it easy to duplicate and disseminate. So how can you secure the authenticity of an original? NFT technology proves chain of ownership on the blockchain but does not prove original creation. Currently enforcing copyright is difficult for IP owners with limited financial resources.
Owners who own digital assets off-chain currently have almost no way to verify the authenticity of the asset and even when minted as an NFT collector cannot self-verify an asset without the complex process of auditing the blockchain. This is a significant barrier to most users which benefits counterfeiters.

Lastly, No multi-factor authentication exists for digital assets and how can physical items be linked effectively to the blockchain? Users are forced to trust traditional contracts or agreements external to the blockchain, or just accept on trust the authenticity of a digital asset.


JOE (Host): 3. We noticed you have some NFTS-related blogs; what are your thoughts on NFTs? Is it reasonable to anticipate NFT integration on Rev3al in the near future?

Adam Russel: We realize NFT theft and fraud is a major issue.
As both Mo and Myself being in this space for 7 years and consider ourselves degens.

We have invested in many projects including IDO’S IEO’S NFT’s etc and through this all we have been scammed, rug pulled experienced fraud and bad actors.
We are planning to not only create a Multiverse VIP Access pass NFT but also a complete Security centric marketplace to launch NFT project’s from.


JOE (Host): 4. Please explain how the Rev3al token works within the platform and why it is required. Please give us a complete rundown of its Tokenomics. We also noticed on your road map that you have a TGE scheduled for June 2022; tell us more about this event.

MO Kumarisi: The Rev3al token ‘REV3L’ has a deflationary burning mechanism that occurs whenever our digital watermark and authentication technology is deployed. A unique algorithm is also used to generate the REV3LID each time a token is burned. Several of our NFT and metaverse partners will also be offering staking options soon to be announced as well as VIP access passes and incentives.

Adam Russel: REV3AL Technology’s can confirm the authenticity of the digital asset through a simple multi-factor process on their device and a simple user interface on the REV3AL platform. Using multiple authentication factors that incorporate blockchain and non-blockchain technology allows REV3AL users to easily authenticate or verify both physical and digital assets.


JOE (Host): 5. On the subject of security, tell us about Rev3al’s security, how secure it is, and what security measures you’ve put in place.
Could you tell Us about the project’s current status and progress? The major partners, as well as possibly some operational data.

Adam Russel: Of course you can find answer to this in our Linktree but I think that the question is important.
Our security incorporate multiple layers which can be explained best by this Tiktok video

MO Kumarisi: IMPORTANT ;
The *REV3AL X KUCOIN* Listing date and time will be shared very soon.
This is just the beginning, stay tuned on all our *REV3AL official socials only* for latest updates in regards to the Rev3al custom pre-sale etc, listings etc.
Official social links can be found on our Linktree and website only.

Adam Russel: And the Technology.
Think of REV3AL like a GIA certificate for a Diamond — like in this TikTok — We are the digitial equivalent —

Also for a more in depth understanding of our tech we were just featured on Podcast for Wall-street Unplugged I encourage you to watch. .



1. I read that Rev3al is the next generation in the fight against digital counterfeiting. So, could you tell me how your project manages to fight digital counterfeiting? And Can Rev3al be the ideal authentication service for NFT trading platforms?
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Adam Russel: We are positioning Rev3al to be a standard in Authentication and protection for digital media.
Our tagline is ALL WILL BE REV3ALED so we will rev3al you if your scam or a Fraud and we will rev3al you if your real.

In the future you will have 10x issues in the metaverse as you do in IRL
We are not only solving issues of the NFT’s authenticity but protecting the future of security and interoperability between metaverses.

[ Photo ]
These are 4 of our Metaverse partners.

We will be protecting NFT Market places, Gaming platforms and MEtaverses


2. How does Rev3alTech increase the token’s value, liquidity and utility ? So that it can lead to an increase in token prices ? What is your plan to make your project stable and provide the highest return for investors in the long term ?
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Adam Russel: The reality is many projects fail and don’t make it through bear markets. We recognize this early on and we are already planning for the next bull market. From a financial standpoint, we created a burn rate that could survive a prolonged bear market. Our goal is to get to break even on revenue once the API rolls out within a much shorter period of time. And make sure to manage market expectations on product roll outs to be fiscally responsible with our development road map MVP and CVP.


3.“#Rev3alTech”What are the main features of the project and how was it developed? Where does its core competitiveness lie? What advantages does it have that allow it to stand out in the market?
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Adam Russel: Great question. We welcome competition in the space. At the moment we know that we are the only blockchain agnostic solution. There are a few that are on the blockchain like Centerprime and Pastel Network. There are also closed eco system projects such as Numbers as well but they can not provide protection on other platforms.


4. Rev3alTech has an Anti-alteration feature which safeguards creative works from unwanted modifications. But what about in cases of NFTs where the ownership of am asset needs to be rewritten. What happens then ?
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Adam Russel: Not to mention we have a SEXY solution with a BRAND that will be recognized like NORTON 360 — In the future we will have REV3AL 360

We are leading with integration of our Technology at the creation level however, we can integrate our tech after minting. We can ad value to existing NFT’s by authenticating them and potentily valuating them as well. This is down the road we don’t want to confuse people.

MO Kumarisi: Rev3al 360!
we are making security sexy again

Adam Russel: Check this out, imagine a drone in your pocket and it scanned the enviroment like this one. from our partners we own 1M digita swft in the MALL OF THE METAVRSE


5. Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project / company. What is the way to generate profit / revenue of token? What is the income model?
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Adam Russel:

Its really simple, we will be tollbooth between worlds, and protection and authentication on many platforms which will use our portable API solution we are developing. Through a simple SAAS sales as a service model, we will create revenue. This will be across our eco system which at the moment consist of 57 PARTNERS

The REV3AL X KUCOIN Listing date and time will be shared very soon.

🚀This is just the beginning, stay tuned on all our *REV3AL official socials only* for latest updates in regards to the Rev3al custom pre-sale etc, listings etc.

Official social links can be found on our Linktree and website only.



Q1. Where can I buy your tokens now, what are the current contracts and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?
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Adam Russel:

We are excited to Annouce we are getting listed on KUCOIN. Please watch our social media for exact date and times.


Q2. Do you have Whitepaper if yes, please share it with as secondly do you have plans for pre-sale? Now where can we Join it? tell us exactly how we can join This whitepaper!
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Adam Russel: [In reply to NABILHASAN]

MO Kumarisi: Our team is aggressively working on a “Minimal Viable Product” which will be built and tested on a secure marketplace. This will serve as a first line of defense against the rising need for solutions to protect people against the Scams and Frauds they hear about every day. Followed by a commercially viable API “ Application Protocol Interface” that will be able to be implemented into any compatible platform/ marketplace.


Q3. IS this project only for elite investors?
How about others who has small fund..
Is it open to everyone?
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MO Kumarisi: soon it be in Top 5 exchange

Q4. Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?
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Adam Russel: We will be offering a DAO aspect to our token holders down the road but not now.

Q5. Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?
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Adam Russel: all in our linktree

🚀This is just the beginning, stay tuned on all our *REV3AL official socials only* for latest updates in regards to the Rev3al custom pre-sale etc, listings etc.

Official social links can be found on our Linktree and website only. .


Closing Remarks:

Stay tuned on our all our approved socials on wither our website or Linktree
➡️ Linktree includes Deck, Whitepaper, Team, Tokenomics, Trailer & Strategic partners.

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Host: AMA is concluded!